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What’s More Potent: Smoking or Vaping Medical Marijuana?

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Smoking or Vaping Medical Marijuana?

Vaping cannabis continues to grow in popularity among medical marijuana patients. Although there are still those who prefer to use cannabis the old-fashioned way by smoking a joint or blunt, vaping is quickly becoming the preferred way to consume cannabis. A common question budtenders are often asked is ‘what’s more potent, smoking my cannabis or vaporizing it?’

To answer this question, vaporizing cannabis is actually more potent. This answer comes from a study that was conducted to measure the effects of both forms of consumption when taking the same amount in the two different forms. Vaping cannabis had significantly more pronounced effects on users compared to smoking the same amount by combusting it in the form of a joint or blunt.

Why Vaping Cannabis?

Vaping cannabis is better for patients because of its ability to deliver the most benefits of the cannabis strains terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Vaping cannabis increases the number of cannabis compounds that are activated, which can potentially enhance some of the health benefits for Ohio medical marijuana patients. Vaporizers work to heat the cannabis to release active cannabinoids, but stay cool enough to avoid smoke and toxins associated with combustion.

When patients combust or directly add heat or flame directly to the raw cannabis flower in the form of a blunt or joint they are actually burning off a substantial amount of cannabinoids and terpenes before the cannabis is even consumed. By depleting the cannabis of the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes, the patient will not experience the same medicinal effects as someone who chose to vaporize their cannabis.

What’s your preferred method of consuming cannabis?

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