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Live Resin VS Live Rosin, What’s The Difference?

Live Resin VS Live Rosin

They’re not the same thing? It’s easy for new medical marijuana patients to become confused with all of the cannabis terminologies, especially after looking at a dispensary menu for the first time. However, cannabis concentrates are continuing to grow in popularity at many Ohio dispensaries.

What are concentrates?

Concentrates, such as Live Rosin or Live Resin are typically a type of cannabis product that is used to treat severe pain relief, due to their high potency. However, there are several different types of cannabis concentrates such as Budder, Crumble, Sauce, Wax, Sugar, Resin, Rosin, and more. So what’s the difference, and what does it mean for Ohio Medical Marijuana patients?

The Process of Creating Cannabis Concentrates

If you are not an experienced concentrate user, Live Resin and Rosin may just look like a typo. However, they are actually two completely different things and actually made through different processes. Live extraction allows the plants’ terpenes to be preserved by delivering a much more potent and favorable experience for patients compared to other cannabis forms. The term ‘Live’ refers to the concentrates that have been extracted or taken directly from the cannabis plant. The next part of the process is drying and curing the plant, and then it is later processed. Typically it takes a week or two for the plant to be dried out to remove the moisture, yet preserve the terpenes.

After the cannabis is dried, it is then cured. However, every plant is different with what care is required, so some curing timelines look different for different strains. Curing is the process of thoroughly drying the cannabis plant in a controlled environment that gets rid of excess moisture and other compounds so that the plant has more flavor and potency when finished curing. An ideal cure, deliver the desired effects the plant was grown for, to ultimately help relieve unwanted symptoms from medical patients. Another upside to a properly cured cannabis plant is that it is actually easier on patients’ lungs when inhaled, due to the slow release of compounds such as sugar and starches. The goal for every grower and patient is to consume the best quality plant, meaning it’s potent, fragrant, and delivers the desired effects. You’ll quickly know if your cannabis is ‘bad’ if you have little or no scent or flavor, and it is ‘harsh’ or hurts to consume.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin, such as Shatter or Wax, are known concentrates that are extracted from the plant by using a hydrocarbon extract such as butane, propane, or CO2. This is done by ‘blasting’ the ground-up plant matter with the solvent (butane or propane) at extremely high pressure. This then creates a sticky liquid, that has a similar consistency to honey or liquid dish soap. Live Resin is typically brown or gold in color. Next, the solvent is removed from the concentrate without being exposed to any air. Depending on the solvents, and types of plant matter used to process concentrates patients can expect different consistencies and flavor profiles.

What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is known as a full-spectrum, solventless concentrate. This means that when processing the concentrate, there are no chemicals or solvents used such as butane, or propane. “Full Spectrum,” Live Rosin contains the full terpene and cannabinoid profile unique to the cultivar used, accurately representing the profile of the strain. Upon harvest, “Live” plants are immediately frozen fresh to preserve the phytochemical properties, then washed in ice water to separate the trichome heads from plant material. The resulting Ice Water Bubble Hash is dehydrated and mechanically pressed to extract the oil from within trichome heads.

The difference between Live Resin and Live Rosin

As you know now, it’s not just a typo. Not only are the processes different for creating the two concentrates, but so are the purities of each type of concentrate. The extraction method is important to know when it comes to defining which concentrate you’d rather purchase. Live Resin can still offer many benefits to patients with its preserved terpene profiles and high potency, however, Live Rosin is a cleaner, high-quality option that does not use any solvents to create a potent, flavorful, option for patients. It is important to know that no matter which process is used to create the concentrate, each batch can look different depending on the strain or cultivar used.

As you can see, the process of creating a cannabis concentrate is a little intense, which is another perk to getting your My Marijuana Card. Patients can rest easy knowing that their medicine has been tested and approved by the state, compared to purchasing concentrates from a friend or in a recreational state that has looser testing guidelines. Licensed cultivators and processors across the state of Ohio are heavily regulated on their processes for creating and manufacturing medical marijuana products for patients.

Where can I purchase Concentrates?

All of Ohio’s dispensaries offer a variety of concentrate options from different cultivators. Ohio cultivator, Firelands Scientific offers Live Rosin, Live Rosin Cartridges, and Solventless Edible Sun Bites. The Live Rosin Cartridges can be used by vaporizing with a standard vape battery such as an AVD seed battery, or Phoenix Nest Battery, which is great for portability and discreetness. You can also use Firelands Scientific’s product locator feature on their website to find their Live Rosin near you, or at your favorite dispensary.

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