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Qualify For Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota


Medical Marijuana
Is Legal in South Dakota

With the initiation of House Bill 1100 in late 2020, South Dakota becomes next in line to pass the legalization of Medical Marijuana. The passage of this law legalizes medical marijuana throughout the greater state of South Dakota and establishes the rules governing the South Dakota House Bill 1100. My Marijuana Card can help you get approved at any of our marijuana doctor clinic locations throughout South Dakota. At My Marijuana Card, the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card easy and convenient! Schedule same-day!

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Get Your South Dakota Marijuana Card in 4 Easy Steps

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South Dakota Medical Marijuana Program

South Dakota Medical Marijuana Dispensaries / Law Information: As per House Bill 1100, effective 2021, the state of South Dakota authorizes the use of medical marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions and establishes the Medical Marijuana Program, effective 2021. Patients or health care workers on the South Dakota Medical Marijuana Card may possess no more than a 90-day supply of medical marijuana, equal to eight ounces of marijuana or marijuana products with the equivalent amount of THC.


What Conditions Qualify for a
Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota?

One thing that seems clear is the list of qualifying conditions. Prospective MMJ users must have one of the following conditions and receive certification from a licensed physician.

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How to Qualify for an South Dakota Medical Marijuana Card

Before visiting a medical marijuana dispensary in South Dakota, you must fulfill the following qualifications:

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Get Approved for Medical Marijuana in South Dakota Through Telemedicine

You can get approved for medical marijuana treatment from the comfort and safety of your own home! Meet with an South Dakota marijuana doctor through telemedicine, and get approved today. The process is quick and easy. Our telemedicine platform allows you to meet with the doctor on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. We provide same-day registration for telemedicine appointments, so you can access dispensaries right away.