My Marijuana Card now offers

My Marijuana Card now offers appointments through Telemedicine so you can be approved in the comfort of your own home for medical marijuana treatment! This is an easy process because we will email you via your mobile phone or computer a link to your virtual appointment. This makes meeting with your doctor convenient and simple. No more waiting! Same-day registration!  Get APPROVED for your Ohio Marijuana Card today!


If you’re wondering what conditions qualify in Ohio, CLICK HERE!

Telemedicine For Medical

Marijuana in Ohio - How It Works

Telemed allows patients with a qualifying condition the ability to be approved by a licensed Ohio doctor with simple phone or video conference. to be approved by a licensed doctor. We use an unbelievably easy-to-use HIPAA-focusing video conference app. You don’t even need a computer as you can access the platform from any web browser on your smartphone!

This is how it works. After you have booked your date online, or call us on 419-237-7119, you will receive an email immediately from us! This email is IMPORTANT as it contains a link to your digital intake forms. . The forms capture your health history and additional details are shared with you until the doctor recommends medical marijuana in the intake form. You’ll be eligible for your appointment once the entry form has been completed. We have copies of your medical history and your state ID.

We will send a connection to you via email and text message in the evening before your appointment. 15 minutes prior to your appointment one of the Patient Coordinators will call you. To make sure you’re ready for the appointment and to answer any questions. You can access the connection on your device or phone. Then you will go into a virtual waiting room. The video conference will start with the doctor once it’s your turn. You will get your medical marijuana recommendation after a doctor talks to you about medical marijuana and confirms you have one of the qualifying conditions.

After your appointment, you’ll be registered with the state board of pharmacy and receive your medical marijuana card. With the marijuana card in hand, you’ll have access to all medical marijuana dispensaries across Ohio!


The Benefits of Telemed

The use of telemed provides convenience to our patients. Here are just a few of the benefits of using telemedicine for medical marijuana evaluations.

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Telemedicine provides patients with the convenience and protection of their own homes to be assessed for medicinal treatment of marijuana. It is critical that we all follow the guidance of the CDC in these unprecedented and uneasy days, and take up the social distance to minimize the transfer of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The use of TV means that our patients and staff are safe and secure.

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Many of our patients are dealing with chronic weaknesses which can make it difficult to enter our offices physically. We therefore initially conducted home-based assessments, as the state of Ohio does not allow us to test patients without a person-based physical exam. No patient has to worry about the ordeal of finding transport and getting to one of our offices, provided new regulations which allow telemed. Now you can get a smartphone, computer or tablet approval from any location!

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With the use of telemedicine, you no longer to need to have an in-person evaluation with one of our physicians. This means no need to drive to our office or find transportation. In addition to saved time from not driving, telemed also means no more time spent in the waiting room of the doctor’s office reading magazines. With our virtual waiting room, you will be able to continue your daily activities until it is time for your appointment.

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Once patients are approved and receive their recommendation for medical marijuana, they will be registered the very same day with Ohio’s medical marijuana program, so they can begin accessing dispensaries right away!

How Easy is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments are easy, so don’t worry if you aren’t too good with technology. Anyone can do it! Simply book an appointment online, fill out your digital intake forms; once the doctor verifies your forms are complete, now it is time for your appointment! You will receive a link to your virtual appointment. All you need to do is click the link, the link can be accessed using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, and you’ll be connected to a doctor. If approved by the doctor you can access your medical marijuana card via email download instantly. It’s that easy!

How Soon Can I Get

Approved With Telemedicine?

Providing assessments by telephone give you the patient access to your doctor at your own leisure.. With our office open Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm, you This expanded availability means that after you have completed the following measures, you couldbe licensed for medical marijuana as soon as you want. You can even obtain your approval today if you are swift!

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With an Ohio Medical marijuana card in hand, you will be able to access all dispensaries across the state of Ohio and purchase a variety of products from cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures and more!

After you’ve had your evaluation with a My Marijuana Card doctor and received your recommendation, you’ll be able to purchase medical marijuana products at licensed dispensary locations throughout Ohio. Interested in seeing where the closest dispensary is to you? Take a look at our complete map of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries for more information.