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Ohio Dispensary Pricing

New & Renewal Ohio Patients

What Types of Medical Marijuana Are For Sale at Ohio Dispensaries?

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy prohibits medical marijuana patients from smoking or combusting medical marijuana. Patients can still purchase cannabis flower, however, it is sold in dispensaries to be vaporized since Ohio is a β€˜no smoke’ state.Β 

Patients have the following options for medicating:

  • Oils or plant material for vaping, this also includes concentrates

  • Tinctures, extracts, and edibles for consumption.

  • Patches and creams for transdermal (external) application.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost at Ohio Dispensaries?

Pricing on medical marijuana in Ohio truly depends on the dispensary. Each dispensary has the right to price products however they wish. Typically higher quantities of cannabis flower are more costly compared to other products, as well as concentrates. Prices on medical marijuana truly vary depending on the form.Β 

​How Much Medical Marijuana Can Be Purchased In Ohio?

​One of the most common questions people ask about buying medical marijuana is, β€œHow much can I purchase at the dispensary?” Your annual medical marijuana recommendation or prescription is split into 4 (90) day supply periods over the course of the year, which equals 360 days. In April of 2020, there was a small change to the previous way the 90 day supply could be purchased from patients. This change splits the 90 day supply into (2) 45-day supplies. Your very first fill period will begin on the day you receive your recommendation. A β€˜daily unit’ depends on what type of product is purchased. For example, vape cartridges concentrates, and edibles typically only account for 1 day. However, larger quantities of product and higher milligrams can account for more days. Each product purchased will subtract from a patient’s 90 day supply. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy has an example on their website of how you can see which fill period you are in depending on when you received your recommendation. To better understand how the State Board of Pharmacy tracks patient’s purchases, click here.Β 

Where Can I Purchase Medical Marijuana in Ohio?Β 

Once a patient has received their recommendation from My Marijuana Card, they are now able to visit any of the 52 dispensaries across the state of Ohio. We recommend doing your homework before visiting a dispensary so you know what to expect and if they have the products you are looking for. Listed below you will find menus and pricing for all of the operating dispensaries ​across the state of Ohio.Β 


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