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My Marijuana Card now offers

appointments via telemedicine. So in In the comfort of your home you can get approved to legally access medical marijuana in Ohio!

The process is so easy, from your mobile phone or device you can schedule a virtual appointment with the doctor and get approved in minutes. What does approval mean: same-day registration in the Ohio medical marijuana registry, your Medical marijuana card, and access to Ohio’s over 100 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. We also register on the same day, so that you can register with Ohio’s MSP and start accessing dispensaries.

Marijuana Dispensary Locations in Ohio

Once you have done your medical evaluation with My Marijuana Card and received your recommendation, you will be able to purchase medical marijuana products at licensed dispensaries throughout Ohio. Are you interested in seeing where your nearest dispensary is located? Check out our full map of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries for more information.

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card the same day in Ohio. You can be approved and get your medical marijuana same day  all without leaving the house. Click here to learn more. 

The cost to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio is $50 for patients and $25 for caregivers. However, additional fees may apply for required medical appointments and for the purchase of medical marijuana products from licensed dispensaries. Book your appointment today!

In Ohio, only qualified physicians who have been certified by the State Medical Board can prescribe medical marijuana cards to patients who have qualifying medical conditions. Book an appointment with an Ohio doctor certified to prescribe medical marijuana cards

While anxiety alone is not a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Ohio, certain anxiety-related disorders can make patients eligible for medical marijuana use. For a list of qualifying anxiety-related disorders, click here.