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Immediately after booking your appointment. You will be prompted to fill out your digital intake forms. These forms take 5 minutes to fill out and are required before your doctor's appointment.

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During a brief 10–15-minute examination, our doctor will evaluate whether or not you are eligible to get a medical card. 

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Once approved by the physician, you'll have to complete the application with the state. The state will mail you your medical card.

How Would You Apply for an Alabama Medical Marijuana Card?

Very similarly to our other states’ programs, you would:

 Latest Update of Medical Marijuana
in Alabama

The State of Alabama is currently establishing the framework for the soon-to-come Medical Marijuana program. Per SB 46 the state is required to have the regulatory and infrastructure framework for the medical marijuana program by September 1st of 2022. This means that patients will soon be able to obtain legal access to cannabis products possibly within the year. We will continue to update our material as new information becomes available. Still, the best way to ensure that you are kept up to date is to sign up for our Alabama Medical Marijuana Card waitlist.

What are the 3 steps needed to obtain your marijuana card in Alabama?

Step 1

Consult a Licensed Physician

Step 3

Get Your Alabama MMJ Card and Buy Cannabis!

Step 1 – Schedule an appointment with a Alabama Medical Marijuana Doctor.



An MMJ program in Alabama will be virtually universal. In Alabama, you must be 19 years old, not 18, as in most other states. Make an appointment with a state-licensed doctor. They will inquire about your health.

The current law says the doctor must verify that you have a qualifying medical condition. They must also determine that conventional therapy and treatments have failed to help.

Step 2 – Apply to the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC)

With a doctor’s referral, you may join the state’s marijuana patient registry. Applicants will be notified whether they may apply online or by mail closer to the deadline.

Step 3 – Receive Your Alabama MMJ Card & Start Purchasing Cannabis!

Currently, the state has not said how long it will take to process applications. After approval, you should get a real Alabama MMJ card in the mail. A temporary digital card is not specified.


find the nearest Alabama Dispensary Near you!

My Marijuana Cards has compiled a whole list of  Alabama Dispensaries and their contact information. Click the button below to locate the nearest Alabama Dispensary to you!

Requirements for Medical Marijuana Cards in Alabama 

Age & Residency Requirements

You must be a legal resident of Alabama. Patients under the age of 18 will need the assistance of a parent or guardian to register as their caregiver. There is no minimum age requirement.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Card in Alabama

Steps to Apply

When the medical cannabis program launches later this year in Alabama, patients should follow these steps to apply for a medical cannabis card:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a licensed physician who is currently authorized to recommend medical cannabis in Alabama.

  2. Ask the physician to fill out a patient registration submission to the Commission, including all necessary written attestations.

  3. Ensure you submit all the required documentation and complete the electronic application within 60 days from the date of the physician’s initial certification.

  4. Pay State and Appointment Fee 
  5. After completing the application process, patiently wait for the registration confirmation and receive either a virtual or physical medical cannabis card.
  6. Your registration is valid for one year, and annual renewal is required at least 14 days before your card’s expiration date.

Medical Documentation

Then you’re ready to be examined by our doctor to be certified if you have a qualifying ailment and medical proof (such as medical records, medication bottles, office visit summaries, or an official letter from a physician declaring your diagnosis).

For those who have a qualifying ailment but lack medical documentation, please contact us at (877)783-1805 so that we may schedule you with a doctor who can diagnose your illness, followed by a doctor who can confirm your eligibility for the program. We do not charge any further fees for the diagnostic.

Prospective medical cannabis cardholders in Alabama will need the following:

  • A medical marijuana recommendation certification from a registered certifying physician. The physician certification must include written attestations that they have an established relationship with the patient; that the patient has a qualifying condition; that conventional therapy has failed; that the patient has given consent, and that the physician has followed all state requirements.
  • Patient registration fee.
  • Patient’s government-issued ID, such as a license, ID card, or social security card.
  • The physician’s government ID.
  • A digital color photograph of the patient taken no more than 30 days before submission.
  • Written “attestation” from the patient that they’ve received risks and benefits education from their physician; they have given treatment consent to the physician and will comply with all provisions of the Act.
  • Completed electronic application, including personal contact information.
  • Any additional information the Commission may reasonably require in the future.


Alabama patients and caregivers must pay fees for new card registrations and renewals, as well as for replacement cards. The fees are as follows:

  • Patient registration application fee for a physical medical cannabis card is $50.
  • The virtual cannabis card fee is $40.
  • Caregiver fees are also $50 for a physical card and $40 for a virtual card.
  • Annual renewal fees cost the same as registration fees.
  • Replacement card fees are $25 for physical cards and $20 for virtual cards for patients and caregivers.

Doctors Appointment

We will assess your current health condition, medical history, and any paperwork you can offer as verification to decide whether or not you are eligible for an Alabama medical card when the time comes to do so.

Join our Waitlist and receive all the latest updates on Alabama’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Questions Alabamians want to know about the Medical Cannabis Program Process to get certified for an Alabama Medical Marijuana Card 

The medicinal marijuana program in Alabama is not yet fully operational, but it is expected to be so by 2023 at the earliest. The following is an outline of what you may expect the application process to entail:

What our Alabama Physician wants you to know about obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Patients will be examined by an Alabama My Marijuana Cards doctor in 2023.  Join our ever-growing waitlist of Alabamians interested in obtaining their medical marijuana cards. This is the best way to stay up to date on any and all the changes in the program. 

You may qualify if you have one of the state-approved qualifying medical conditions. Obtaining confirmation of your medical condition will help you be approved  once the program is up and running. The doctor recommends that you begin gathering information that verifies you have one or more of the qualifying medical conditions for medical cannabis.


Alabama Medical Marijuana Card Appointment

With My Marijuana Cards’ simple online appointments, getting your Medical Marijuana Card is now easier than ever. To arrange your Alabama Medical Marijuana Card appointment, please fill out the form provided below.

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Medical Marijauna
Patients Served to date

The following medical conditions may qualify you for an MMJ card in Alabama:

  • Depression
  • ALS
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • PTSD
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • A terminal illness
  • Epilepsy or any condition that causes seizures
  • Cachexia, weight loss, chronic pain, nausea, or vomiting related to cancer
  • Nausea or weight loss related to HIV/AIDS
  • Spasticity associated with ALS, spinal cord injury, or MS
  • Any condition that causes chronic or intractable pain where conventional treatments and therapies haven’t worked
  • Persistent nausea that traditional treatments haven’t helped

A 12-month Alabama medicinal marijuana card (1 year). Click here to learn more.

Let’s say a patient doesn’t require an appointment. In such scenario, a physician may perform a telemedicine assessment to evaluate eligibility for medicinal marijuana. Note that the certification needs a handwritten signature. Alabama telemedicine laws must be followed by telemedicine doctors.

Yes, Medical Marijuana Doctors in Alabama are accessible in person and online. Allowing Alabama citizens to apply for medicinal marijuana online. Click here to learn more.

No need to travel, visit one of our caring medical marijuana doctors and obtain your card now. Click here to learn more.

If you live in Alabama and have a chronic ailment that might benefit from medicinal marijuana, you probably qualify. Join our waitlist to be notified first for an appointment. If you have any questions, please contact our local support center at 1 (877)783-1805.

To join our waitlist, click here. We will notify you once we begin taking appointments. Click here to learn more.

To get evaluated, you’ll need a valid picture ID and, if feasible, documentation of your medical condition, such as medical documents or a note from your doctor.

You may still obtain certification without medical records! Call or text us at (877)783-1805 so we can get you an appointment with a doctor who can diagnose and then certify. The diagnosis is free.

After booking your telemedicine session, you’ll get a confirmation email. This email will include a link to your intake form, where you may fill out your medical information and submit your ID and any supporting papers.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has not yet set the Medical card registration fee, but there is a cap at $65.  Click here to learn more.

Only a registered medical marijuana doctor can assess your eligibility. Thus we can’t guarantee it. If our doctor does not approve you, you will get a FULL refund! Our knowledgeable and courteous support team is available to help you prepare for your appointment, so you have the highest chance of approval.

Our patient care professionals will evaluate you, analyze your medical records, and review your medical history. We will also save your records and offer follow-up treatment. Appointments are usually 10–15 min.

Any patient seen must have at least 1 of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Alabama.

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy or a condition causing seizures
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Panic disorder
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Persistent nausea (excluding nausea related to pregnancy, cannabis-induced cyclical vomiting syndrome, or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Spasticity
  • Terminal illness
  • Tourette’s Syndrome

You can fax your records to (419)237-7118), or you can have them emailed to

Applicants must be certified by a doctor who has a valid Alabama medical license and is registered with the state.

Yes. We are delighted to help our veterans receive their medicinal marijuana cards! Veterans may get medicinal marijuana from My Marijuana Cards like any other patient.

Yes. Alabama allows minors (under 18) to use medicinal marijuana. However, a parent or guardian must register as the child’s caretaker.

Caregivers help medicinal marijuana patients (including minors) who cannot or do not want to go to a dispensary to buy their medicine. Patients may designate caregivers who must be 21 or older and registered with the state. A caregiver may buy medicinal marijuana for a patient and assist in administering it.

According to the state, the Alabama medicinal marijuana registration is unavailable, but the state says it will be in 2022. The registration price is $50 maximum. We will gladly help our patients with the registration procedure.

No, insurance companies do not pay medicinal marijuana expenditures due to federal legal problems.

Legal patients may get medicinal marijuana from any state-licensed dispensary. They may also use their card in states that reciprocate.

The state has yet to set allotments. We’ll know more next year when the register opens.

As soon as dispensaries start, most varieties of medicinal marijuana will be accessible.

No, patients or caregivers cannot grow medicinal marijuana. Only state-licensed growers may produce medicinal marijuana.

No, HIPAA protects you as a medical patient. My Marijuana Cards values our patients’ privacy and security. Nobody will know unless you tell them or until you take a drug test for marijuana.

Yes. Because Alabama is an at-will state and there is no existing law protecting medical marijuana users in the workplace, medical cardholders may still be subjected to drug tests and disciplinary action based on the findings. So, before you start the procedure, make sure you understand your employer’s policies on drug testing and medicinal marijuana.

Patients on probation or parole are not restricted in Alabama, but you must first get authorization from your probation or parole officer.

Medicinal marijuana patients are protected. Patients do not have to reveal their medicinal marijuana status or submit to a search. If a search turns up medicinal marijuana, the patient should provide their ID card or refer the officer to the state database to prove they are an authorized patient.

The state and dispensaries will decide this by 2022.

State reciprocity for Alabama medicinal marijuana patients is presently unavailable; this may change once the program is fully operational.

Yes! You need not visit the same doctor every year. My Marijuana Cards would gladly certify you if you were certified by another medical marijuana doctor last year.

No. Illegal to grow cannabis at home. Only licensed growers may cultivate marijuana in Alabama.

While the state has yet to confirm, the maximum application cost is $65.  Click here to learn how to get a Alabama medical Marijuana Card.

Medical marijuana and associated costs are seldom covered by insurance.

Currently, marijuana cannot be purchased in Alabama. Alabama’s medical marijuana shops are scheduled to start in 2023.

Buying Marijuana at Retail Location

Purchasing marijuana from a retailer in Alabama is currently prohibited. Patients may buy medicine from medical marijuana shops once they operate.

Marijuana Delivery Service

Marijuana delivery services are strictly forbidden in Alabama. If arrested on the road with “intent to sell,” you face a minimum 2-year term and a maximum 20-year prison, plus a $30,000 fine.

Alabama Dispensary Hours

It’s unclear when dispensaries will be permitted to operate. Tune in!

Purchase Restrictions

Unfortunately, once medicinal cannabis is available for purchase, there are several limitations. This law prohibits smoking marijuana, vaping, candies, and baked goods.

Your doctor will register you with the Commission after they have verified your medicinal marijuana requirement. The Commission will develop the form and determine the cost, which will be limited at $65.

The legislation allows enable the Commission to establish new requirements.

Yes, children may become cannabis patients in Alabama with documented parental permission.

Here are the requirements for obtaining an Alabama Medicinal Marijuana Card once the state’s medical marijuana industry is created.

  • You must be 19 or have a registered caregiver.
  • A doctor must have diagnosed you with one of these diseases.
  • You must get an Alabama Marijuana Card.

Alabama MMJ patients cannot smoke or vape cannabis. It’s also against the law to put cannabis in food, sell it uncooked, or sweeten it! But qualified cardholders may get:

Allowable forms of medical cannabis include:

  • Capsules
  • Cream
  • Gels
  • Lozenges
  • Non-sugar coated cubes (gummies)
  • Oil
  • Tablets
  • Tinctures
  • Transdermal patches
  • Suppositories
  • Other forms for use with inhalers or nebulizers

At this time there are no open Medical dispensaries in Alabama. Visit our website for the latest updates.


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