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Making & Using Kief, Hash, and Bubble Hash

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There are so many Marijuana concentrates on the market today, but Kief and hash are two of the oldest and most common among medical marijuana patients. Kief and hash, an old-school favorite among pot smokers, are unique concentrates in that they can be smoked like a standard flower.

What is Kief?

Kief is a fine, light powder that looks like very granular sand, produced by removing trichomes (the crystalline structures that cover the outside of dried marijuana flowers) from whole-plant material using a pot grinder, mesh screens, or bubble system.

Kief is one of the most common cannabis concentrates because it is one of the simplest to produce. While it is not the highest quality extract available, THC levels can be 3 to 4 times higher than in unprocessed cannabis.

Kief, processed by Buckeye Relief, is currently available in 0.5 gram and 1 gram options. While you are able to purchase kief, you can actually start to collect your own kief utilizing a 4-piece grinder that has a “kief catcher” as the bottom chamber. When grinding your cannabis, kief will naturally fall off the flower, and when the ground cannabis falls into the middle chamber there is a sift at the bottom that allows only the most finely ground cannabis and kief to drop and collect below.

How to Make Kief

There are several methods for making Kief. The most basic method is to collect the powder that has accumulated at the bottom of your grinder. This powder contains low-quality Kief. Some grinders sift and save this powder in a separate chamber to collect a much finer grade of Kief.

If you want to create a bigger batch of high-quality Kief, a tried-and-true approach is running flower through silkscreens. The displays are usually stacked from most translucent to finest to capture top-quality trichomes on the final panel.

Others use an ice water bath and an agitation system to remove the trichomes from the water. The water is then filtered through screens to extract the Kief, dried, and compressed into hash. There are literally hundreds of methods for solely producing Kief. Any process that removes the trichomes from the plant and stores them in a jar will do.

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What is Hash?

Hash is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that has been used for centuries in Asia, the Arab world, and India. It was brought to the West in the nineteenth century by literary giants such as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Charles Baudelaire, who drank hashish in Parisian nightclubs.

You heat and press kief into a firm block to make hashish. Bubble hash is a common form of hash that gets its name from how it bubbles when smoked.

How to Make Hash

Hashish is created by pressing Kief into a single block or ball under high pressure and low heat (typically 180 degrees). A pollen press is popular since it produces a very neat, defined block. However, no specialized techniques are required to create hash.

Rolling ground cannabis flowers with your bare hands to get enough of the black, gooey hash to gather on the hands is a great method as well. Then you can scratch off your hands and form into balls. This is an age-old practice that likely predates the written word.

Since bubble hash has become one of the most widely accepted recent developments in a hash generation, here are the exact steps for producing bubble hash.

Firelands Scientific has a great Bubble Hash Live Rosin, concentrated vape cartridge in 0.5 grams. Ice Water Hash: also known as Bubble Hash, is created by agitating cannabis flowers in ice water, with the extracts being filtered through screen bags. Once it has been filtered, collected, and dried, what’s leftover is hash that can range in texture from dry and chalky to greasy and oily.

The quality of hash is graded on a 6-star scale, with 6 being the highest quality and most refined; the highest grade is often called full melt or ice wax and can be dabbed, while lower quality grades are commonly pressed into rosin or smoked like traditional hash.

How to Make Bubble Hash

Equipment Needed

  • Bubbleator or another washing machine with accessories including zipper bag
  • 2 or 3 progressively finer mesh bags if not included. The finest mesh should be 45 microns.
  • Ice
  • Cannabis
  • Thermometer
  • 5-gallon food grade bucket
  • pollen press

Exact Steps to Make Bubble Hash with a Bubbleator

1) Put the cannabis into the zipper bag.

2) Zip the bag tight and make sure the zipper is locked.

3) Drop the bag into the Bubbleator.

4) Fill the Bubbleator about halfway with water.

5) Add ice till the chamber is ¾ of the way full.

6) Wait till your temperature reaches just above freezing.

7) Close the lid and set the machine to run for 15 minutes.

8) Put the 5-gallon bucket under the Bubbleator’s drainage tube.

9) Put the finer mesh bag over the bucket first, then the larger mesh bag on top.

10) Open the drainage tube and pour the water into the bucket through the bags.

11) The larger mesh bag will filter out the larger debris from the water, while the smaller mesh bag below it collects the Kief. The bags can be squeezed to make the filtering process move faster.

After that, the Kief must be dried for around 24 hours. It can then be smoked, but it is more widely used to render bubble hash by pressing it into hash.

12) Put the resulting, now-dry Kief into the pollen press.

13) Open the pollen press and insert one plug.

14) Put the cap on over the plug, but don’t screw it in the way.

15) Pour the Kief into the top part of the chamber.

16) Use the other plug to press the Kief into the chamber.

17) Apply both end caps and twist, using pressure.

18) Leave your pollen in a warm place–not HOT, because that will degrade your cannabinoids, but WARM. Leave it there for 6 to 8 hours, checking it every couple of hours to further tighten the end caps.

19) Put the pollen press in the freezer for about 15 minutes to cool off the contents and help the hash release from the chamber more easily.

Enjoy it by smoking it with herb, vaporizing it, combining it with edibles, or in some other way you see fit: this process yields extremely flavorful, full-spectrum concentrates.

Using Kief & Hash

So, after you’ve managed to collect all that Kief, how do you use it?

Kief may be sprinkled on joints or smoked in cups, bongs, or pipes. Since Kief is such a fine powder, it will burn differently than a regular cannabis flower. A joint made entirely of Kief is difficult to roll and burns quickly. As a result, many kief enthusiasts prefer to sprinkle it on regular marijuana before rolling a “J” and smoking it.

Kief bowls burn better, but remember you’re smoking concentrated marijuana, so pack your bowl, as a small kief hit can go a long way.

Hash may be smoked in various ways, including cigarettes, cups, bongs, and pipes. Hash smoking is very close to kief smoking. For the best results, combine it with traditional cannabis flowers. If you don’t want to smoke your Kief or hash, you can make cannabutter and other marijuana edibles with it.

Warnings and Dangers

Before you go out and collect Kief or start making your own hash, make sure you’re following the local marijuana laws in your area. Many states have only allowed marijuana for medicinal purposes, requiring people to be registered to use Kief and hash. Many other countries have not legalized marijuana, making hash and Kief illegal to possess, manufacture, or use.

Otherwise, hash and Kief are probably the safest marijuana concentrates when it comes to making them yourself. Hash can be made using various solventless methods and Kief can be collected by simply grinding up cannabis flowers. However, when solvents are used in the hash-making process, things become unsafe and potentially illegal.

It is not advised that you use any hash-making methods that include solvents, as they can be extremely dangerous and illegal if performed incorrectly or without the requisite legal licenses.

How to Find and Buy Kief and Hash

To be honest, you’d be hard-pressed to locate a pharmacy that doesn’t sell hash and Kief. Since hash and Kief are both relatively simple to manufacture and have been used for thousands of years, your local pharmacy can sell hash and kief items.

Remember that, depending on your state’s cannabis regulations, a medical marijuana prescription might be needed to purchase and possess Hash and Kief.

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