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Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Lottery

Who will be the lucky 73? If you are a medical marijuana cardholder in Ohio, […]

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2022 Update on How To Get an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Ohio’s medicinal marijuana program went live in January 2019. You may be eligible for an […]


Ohio State vs Alabama: A Comparison of The States’ Medical Marijuana Programs

If you’re a college football fan, then it is no surprise that Ohio State and […]


Making THC Infused Nerds Rope Edibles

Anyone who thinks medicating isn’t fun hasn’t experienced a Medicated Nerds Rope! These candy delights […]

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws 2021

Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws 2020 

House Bill 523, was officially effective on September 8, 2016, which legalized medical marijuana in Ohio. Ohio’s program faced many ups and downs while trying to get established in the fall of 2016. Although it has taken a few years to get up and running, the program has finally taken off and is seeing more patients than ever before. The current 2021 patient and caregiver numbers are listed below. 

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5 Dessert Strains You Can Find At Ohio Dispensaries

Ohio Medical Cannabis Dispensary Treats! It’s true, there is a cannabis strain out there for […]

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CBD and Athletic Performance

Athletes Consuming Medical Marijuana CBD is continuing to grow in popularity as an effective treatment […]

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Medical Marijuana As A Treatment Plan For Crohn’s Disease

Medical Marijuana As An Effective Treatment for Crohn’s Disease Cannabis has many documented health effects […]

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What’s More Potent: Smoking or Vaping Medical Marijuana?

Smoking or Vaping Medical Marijuana? Vaping cannabis continues to grow in popularity among medical marijuana […]

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Medical Marijuana As A Treatment Plan For Chronic Pain

How Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain? Years’ worth of anecdotal evidence […]