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How to Add To Ohio’s Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Adding Qualifying Conditions Ohio Medical Marijuana

What qualifying condition do you want to see added to the list of qualifying conditions next?

Currently, in the state of Ohio, there are 22 qualifying conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment. One of the most common questions prospective patients ask is ‘how do more conditions get added?’. Not everyone who may benefit from the medicinal effects of medical marijuana currently qualifies, so getting more qualifying conditions added to the list is important for future patients. Here’s what you can do to get your condition added to the official list of qualifying conditions in Ohio.

Each year, for a period of 60 days, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program considers new qualifying conditions. They have established the following criteria in order to have a new medical condition added to their list.

The criteria for applying are as follows:

  • Name and contact information
  • Specific disease or condition requested to be added
  • Information from experts who specialize in the study of the disease/condition
  • Relevant medical or scientific evidence
  • Consideration of whether conventional medical therapies are insufficient to treat or alleviate the disease or condition
  • Evidence supporting the use of medical marijuana to treat or alleviate the disease or condition and other types of medical or scientific documentation
  • Letters of support provided by physicians

The first step in getting a qualifying condition added, is reaching out to your local government representatives. You will need to gather their contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. It’s important to keep in mind that not all state representatives will be pro-cannabis. Proper education of the program and its benefits are key when discussing the addition of qualifying conditions with key government officials in your state. A great resource for finding cannabis-friendly local representatives in your state is The Cannabis Voter Project. This website helps cannabis advocates locate local government representatives in your state, making the process much easier and less time-consuming.

Once you have found the correct contact information, you can start reaching out! If you already know your representative’s name, you can use the Capitol switchboard line by calling 202-224-3121 and using their phone directory. If you are not interested in calling, you can also mail in a formal letter. Although this is more time-consuming, it is still impactful as it shows your passion and dedication for the program and how adding a specific condition means to you and your individual situation.

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