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Firelands Scientific Dispensary Opening Soon in Huron, Ohio

Firelands Scientific Dispensary Opening Soon in Huron, Ohio

Firelands Scientific Dispensary Opening Soon!

Vertically integrated Ohio medical marijuana cultivator, and processor, Firelands Scientific is set to open their official ‘Firelands Scientific Dispensary’ this coming May 2021.

With Firelands Scientific Dispensary being the 52nd dispensary to open its doors to patients, Ohio’s medical marijuana cardholders will now have access to 52 dispensaries across the state of Ohio. The dispensary is located in Huron, Ohio, and on the same campus as its cultivation and processing facility. Patients will be able to see from inside the dispensary a view of the 25,000 square foot all-glass greenhouse where the plants are grown. This will give patients a view of where their medicine is grown, processed, and packaged to send out to Ohio’s dispensaries.

Firelands Scientific’s mission is to uplift Ohio’s patients and customers with high-quality sustainably produced medicine. Recently, the company was also acknowledged as an official ‘B Corporation’, making it the first cannabis company in Ohio to hold this title.  Firelands Scientific is committed to providing healthy options for its patients such as their Sun Bites and vape cartridges. Firelands Scientific Sun Bites TM gummies are natural and gluten-free, and vape cartridge components are lead-free.

Cannabis Products

The dispensary will have a variety of products available for patients to purchase. In addition to a wide variety of products from other cultivators, patients will have access to Firelands Scientific product line. Firelands Scientific has a product line that will benefit any patient, as they offer THC rich, mixed ratio, CBD rich, and Solventless products.

The dispensary will also be offering virtual cannabis consultations for patients. This is a great way for patients to consult with dispensary staff prior to their visit to address any questions they have about their medicine before visiting. Private consultations can help put new patients’ minds at ease, and in the comfort of their own homes as they are offered virtually.

Firelands Scientific dispensary will be utilizing ‘Paytender’, which is a service similar to ‘Hyper’, where patients will be able to add or load money onto their debit cards through the app, so that they can pay easily by using their debit cards for completing their dispensary transactions. If patients do not wish to use Paytender to complete their purchase, there will be an ATM on site. Another advantage for patients is that Firelands Scientific Dispensary will be eating the $3.50 ATM fee for patients to use the ATM service. Patients will be able to use the ATM without being charged for the service fee, making buying their medication even more affordable!

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Experience

The experience at Firelands Scientific dispensary will be unique to other Ohio dispensaries as their cultivation is right in their backyard. Another feature that is unique to Fireland’s dispensary is its curbside pickup. Firelands Scientific Dispensary will be the first dispensary in the state of Ohio to have four dedicated parking spots for curbside pick-up. Patients will have the opportunity to utilize this service from the moment they open.

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