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Naturally Pass A Drug Test

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Company-sponsored drug tests can force you to make difficult decisions about your health and/or career. Preventative measures are always an option to ensure you don’t lose your job because of ingesting your prescribed medication. Recreational marijuana users, there’s really no excuse; you can pass a drug test by not consuming cannabis for a certain amount of time before taking the test. For medicinal marijuana users, things become a little tricky.

Drug Testing Facts

  • Drug tests usually come out of nowhere. Employers will not announce when it’s time to cut down on those bedtime blunts.
  • 61.8% of U.S. companies conduct drug testing for illegal substances.
  • drug test CAN typically trace marijuana use within the past week.
  • drug test CANNOT indicate the frequency of usenor can it detect the severity of impairment or whether the user has substance abuse problems and should seek rehabilitation.
  • A drug test typically cannot tell the difference between street drugs and legitimate prescription drugs.
  • Marijuana continues to be the most detected illicit drug.
  • In 2013, marijuana positivity reports for the combined U.S. workforce reached 1.7%.

Quitting cannabis consumption ahead of time is the best option when it comes to passing a drug test. There is some insight given through studies that can indicate how long THC stays in the system. The topic has always been largely debated on.

Despite the estimated detection periods provided above, you usually aren’t given the option to delay your drug test. Not surprising, right? For those using cannabis to treat severe illnesses and pains, naturally ridding yourself of it for extended periods can become challenging, even health-risking. Check out some great ways to get THC out your system.

Disclaimer: We don’t condone medicinal drug use on the job. We’re not condoning cheating drug tests either for recreational use of marijuana.

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Labs Can Drug Test You in These Ways:

Blood, hair, saliva, urine—pick your poison. Urine tests are the most widely administered, so that’s likely going to be your venom. Our suggestion for how to pass (in the most natural way possible) is most compatible with the pee test.


  • Stop consuming cannabis for at least 30 days before your test. You need 90, though 30 days should be just enough days to get your THC-COOH levels below the 50ng/mL concentration level that will make it sure you fail the drug test.
  • Flushing your system with water 3-4 hours before the test will make your body flush out the THC-COOH faster.


  • Don’t trust cheap “drug screen” products saying that they will disguise drug use in your sample. They won’t work, and their claims are just a bunch of mess to get you to buy the product. Don’t waste your money.
  • Don’t spark up after your test. There’s always the possibility you may need to retest.
  • False positives are nearly impossible if conducted by a legitimate lab company. No, second-hand marijuana smoke can’t produce enough exposure to influence your urine test.

‍Ethically Questionable

  • Fake pee is a big risk. This method is a no no and is completely not natural or normal. Unless you know what you’re doing and understand the consequences of being caught, this is a dangerous path to pursue.
  • Tamper with the sample by adding Visine, bleach, salt, or detergent will almost always be found when tested.

So, there it is! The easiest, most natural way to pass a drug test is to obviously stop your cannabis use. For mild cannabis users, at least 10 days before your test should be adequate. For heavier users, we’d recommend at least a month.

Good luck! And don’t forget, once you’re in the clear, you can kick back and relax!

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