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Does Nail Patella qualify for medical marijuana in Michigan?

What is Nail Patella?

Nail-patella syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by abnormalities of the nails, knees, elbows, and pelvis. The most common symptom of the syndrome is having missing or underdeveloped fingernails and toenails. Other symptoms could include having smaller than normal or even missing kneecaps, underdeveloped elbows, and an extra small piece of bone on both sides of the hip, referred to as ‘iliac horns’. Those diagnosed with nail-patella syndrome are at an increased risk for developing high fluid pressure in the eye and developing glaucoma and developing kidney disease. Michigan, approves Nail-patella syndrome as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

How Can Michigan Medical Marijuana Help Treat Nail-Patella Syndrome?

Some patients diagnosed with Nail-patella Syndrome may not be able to fully extend their arms or turn their palms up while keeping their elbows straight. Their elbows may also be angled outward (cubitus valgus) or have abnormal webbing, resulting in easy dislocation of the elbow. Several individuals with nail-patella syndrome have  abnormal projections such as iliac horns that may be felt through the skin, but they do not cause any symptoms and are usually detected on a pelvic x-ray. These abnormalities can often lead to more serious issues such as early arthritis, glaucoma, kidney disease and even failure. Medical marijuana can help relieve much of the pain that those with Nail-Patella syndrome face. The most common way to help patients with Nail-patella is with prescription medication or opioids, physical therapy, splints of braces, and surgery.

When patients are prescribed prescription medication for their pain, it can lead to addiction. Medical marijuana is a valuable to treatment option because it can effectively treat pain, without disrupting the kidneys unlike opioids. Nail-patella can cause severe joint pain and inflammation. CBD is an effective treatment option for relieving inflammation, while THC works well to relieve pain. When the two work together, patients can find relief from more than one symptom without feeling ‘high’ as CBD counteracts many of the psychoactive feelings that THC delivers when used on its own. Salves and balms infused with THC and CBD are another great way for patients to relieve their muscle pain, by applying it to target areas. The product options are endless at Michigan dispensaries for those suffering from Nail-Patella. 

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