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HIV/ AIDS is a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Michigan 


HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus, meaning it is a kind of germ that attacks one’s immune system. HIV makes it very difficult to protect the human body from other pathogens and diseases. A major medical emergency becomes any little disease that most of us normally get over in a day or two. When some are diagnosed  ‘HIV positive’, even something as minor as a  cold or cough can cause a person to require serious medical care. HIV attacks the body by taking over the cells called ‘T cells’ of the immune system, which are supposed to protect the body. It then uses those cells to reproduce more of the virus, so that the virus can never be destroyed. Although there is no cure for HIV, Michigan marijuana card patients can manage their diagnosis with medical marijuana after seeing a recommending physician today. 

Almost half of those diagnosed with HIV in the U.S. use or have used medical marijuana to help manage many of the disease’s symptoms. As a treatment choice for HIV, more and more medical research is being conducted into medical marijuana and the findings are positive.  

Treating HIV and AIDS disease with Michigan Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is often used to reduce the many complications of the disease, ranging from signs of HIV-wasting syndrome to side effects associated with the use of antiretroviral medications. One of the most common symptoms cannabis is known for reliving is nausea. Cannabis helps treat nausea by giving patients back their appetite, which then allows food to fuel the body. Marijuana has also been used to relieve the debilitating disease of the nerves called peripheral neuropathy, another known side effect largely associated with HIV medications of the earlier generation.

A lot of prescription medications that are used to treat HIV, can be really harsh on the body. Cannabis is a great option for Michigan patients suffering from HIV, due to its ability to aid in pain relief, nausea, and so much more.

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