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What’s The Deal With Purple Weed?

whats the deal with purple weed

As shown on TV and in the movies, deep green cannabis strains are expected while shopping for cannabis. A budtender pulling out a grape-like purple cannabis variety may be perplexing.

Purple weed—why?

Safe? Does it outperform greener strains? We can answer your plum and violet cannabis flower queries. Let’s explore this color’s effects on your favorite marijuana buds.

What is Purple Weed?

Purple cannabis is just a cannabis plant with purple hues. Anthocyanins, water-soluble chemicals, typically cause coloring. Wine-colored blossoms are associated with Indicas, suggesting a dreamy, calming effect.

You may get unusual purple pot strains at your neighborhood dispensary now too. Ask for the shop’s darkest purple buds if you don’t know what to ask for.

What Are Some Popular Purple Weed Strains?

Purple marijuana strains vary. Some buds are rich violet, while others are mauve or plum. One strain isn’t superior because it’s purpler! Simply genetics. Here are some excellent dark purple cannabis strains.

Grandaddy Purple (GDP)

Granddaddy Purple, a mix of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, is one of the most sought-after purple cannabis strains. Ken Estes brought this Indica-dominant purple marijuana variety to California in the early 2000s, and its popularity has continued. GDP relieves pain, stress, sleeplessness, and appetite loss. They report pleasure, sedation, relaxation, and increased hunger after usage.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is one of the few pure purple sativa strains and the most sought-after worldwide. Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 single Purple Haze popularized this great purple marijuana strain. It smells like berries and spices and tastes earthy and sweet. Purple Haze fosters creativity and vitality.

Obama Kush

This purple marijuana’s attributes aren’t only in the name. Its strength and subtle purple color have made it popular in the purple marijuana subculture. Afghani-OG Kush, an indica-dominant strain, is known for its strong euphoria.

Sour Grape

This purple strain is famous for its delicious smell. Sour Grape is an indica-dominant mix of Sour Diesel and GDP with sourness. This variety is strong, pure, and purple. This will soothe and energize you. It relaxes muscles and relieves stress, according to users.

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Myths & Facts About Purple Weed Flower

Many stories about the purple marijuana flower’s origins circulate. Most of these stories revolve on what makes cannabis purple and how growers generate these strains. Let’s start with purple cannabis strain origin tales.

Myth #1: Excessive Nitrogen Application

Cannabis requires nitrogen. It’s one of the cannabis plant’s main macronutrients. Nitrogen, a macronutrient, is essential for cannabis plant growth, production, and output. While necessary, too much nitrogen is bad. Nitrogen excess may harm medicinal cannabis, according to an advanced study. Browns will replace purps.

Myth #2: Watering Regimens

Some think watering a cannabis plant on a schedule or not at all can color it purple. This misconception ignores the fact that cannabis grows in the wild under different water conditions. Cannabis plants adjust to water fluctuations, yet none of them produce purple marijuana flowers.

Myth #3: Depriving The Plant Of Oxygen Or Carbon Dioxide

Overwatering your cannabis plant might prevent oxygen absorption and color the leaves purple. If you restrict your cannabis plant’s CO2 intake, you’ll harvest purple cannabis quickly. Some gardeners have utilized these deprivation methods to turn marijuana purple, but many have failed.

Cannabis needs O2 and CO2 to live. Depriving your plants of one or both can harm their metabolism, resulting in sick plants and poor harvests. You may be receiving shades of the appropriate color, but not the potency or copious harvests your plant would have provided. Healthy flowers or harmful purps?

Myth #4: Light Cycle & High Intensity Get You Purple Flower Weed

Cannabis plants grow and blossom faster with more light. According to rumors, purple weed blooms can be grown with extended and intense illumination. These myths ignore the following:

  1. The parent plant must have purple genes to produce the color.
  2. High light intensity is unnecessary. High light intensity actually causes yellow leaves, which is an indication of a sick plant.

These beliefs indicate hard circumstances for cannabis plants, but this is not the ideal way to grow them.

3 Facts About Purple Weed Flower

Let’s discuss purple buds’ biggest misconceptions now that you know the truth. Why is cannabis purple? What are purple cannabis’ effects?

Fact #1: Anthocyanins Make Weed Purple

What makes cannabis purple? Anthocyanin. Anthocyanins, flavonoid phytochemicals, give many plants red, purple, and blue colors. Anthocyanins make blueberries blue and purple cannabis bright. Marijuana Botany states that cannabis must be genetically capable of producing anthocyanin pigments to become purple. That is, under ideal environmental circumstances.

Fact #2: Purple Weed Flower Is Not A Cannabis Superpower

What’s purple weed’s function? Is it special? Don’t judge purple cannabis strains by their leaves. Purple cannabis strains are not distinct scientifically, it’s only appeal is its color. Genetics determine a cannabis strain’s efficacy, not color. If Purple Haze cannabis relaxes you, it’s because of its cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, not its color.

Fact #3: Genetics & Temperature Play A Significant Role In Purple Weeds’ Hue

Forget the misconceptions and concentrate on two things to develop purple marijuana:

  • Genes—The seeds are everything. You need anthocyanin-producing seeds to grow purple weed. Nurture helps marijuana plants display their natural traits, while nature provides the blueprint, or purpleprint? You grow purple. Simple.
  • Temperature—with the correct seeds, you need the right temperature to create the purple tint. Growers recommend simulating autumn conditions during blooming. Cannabis plants with anthocyanin have fall-colored leaves like other plants.

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