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The Best & Worst Ways To Store Your Weed

the best and worst ways to store your weed

Best and Worst Ways to Store Weed in 2023

Whether you want to smoke cannabis in a bong rip, boof, or roll-up, if you do not have the appropriate container your cannabis will be wasted. To add insult to injury, not only are you wasting time, but you are also wasting money. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best and worst ways to store weed.

If you leave your flower out in the air, sunlight, or heat, it will lose its flavor and freshness. It can be difficult to find reliable information on how to safely store pot.

This situation results from limited guidance from the cannabis industry and widespread misunderstandings. It is difficult to find reliable information on how to safely store pot. Let’s review the most effective methods to store cannabis. But first, let’s discuss some myth-busters and the frequent misconceptions about cannabis storage first.

Lose The Plastic Bud Baggies

Plastic is a bad material to use as a storage container for cannabis. Never place a bloom in a plastic bag or container because the static charge may easily damage the succulent trichomes.

The trichomes are the beautiful tiny hairs that cover the plant.

This guidance also applies to the plastic containers that cannot be opened by children that are often sold at dispensaries everywhere.

Even if your marijuana is stored for more than a few days, you will run into the same harmful issues that we are working to eliminate.

Plastic baggies will temporarily work if your storage options are limited, but they are more suited for being used as travel packets.

Best and Worst Ways to Store Weed

Don’t Put Weed In The Fridge

Marijuana flowers should never be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for any length of time.

Because of the dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity, this will lead to brittle trichomes and make them more prone to breaking.

Keep your cannabis far away from the fridge or freezer. 

Contrary to what you may have been taught in the dormitories, keeping your cannabis fluffy by storing it with a piece of orange peel will not achieve this goal.

All you need is a container that maintains an airtight seal. However for edibles, freezing is fine without drastically affecting the potency. 

Use Paper In A Pinch

If you don’t have any proper storage containers at hand, grab the cleanest paper product, whether it’s a paper towel, a napkin, or a piece of plain notebook paper.

Before wrapping your weed with paper, we recommend scrunching it up first (it will make folding an envelope shape easier).

Paper won’t alter the taste of your buds like plastic or cling wrap would, but it will keep them fresh for longer.

Use paper as a temporary measure at least until you can get your hands on a more permanent storage solution.

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Stock Up On Good Ol’ Glass

When it comes to preserving marijuana, there is not a container that is more appropriate than glass. It is easy to clean and does not accumulate static as plastic does.

Glass maintains the freshness of cannabis without affecting the flavor (unlike metal containers). Some glass containers may be firmly sealed to prevent oxidation from occurring.

Be sure to find glass containers that limit or block light.

Cannabis that has been kept in clear containers rapidly loses its psychoactive effects as a result of the transformation of the psychoactive compound THC into the sedative cannabinol (CBN).

You may partly avoid this from occurring by either placing your glass in a dark location or wrapping it in a towel before storing it away.

Businesses are working on finding viable alternatives to glass that are both airtight and easy to keep up with maintenance.

Use Parchment To Prevent Damage

You can try to limit the cannabis bud and marijuana flower damage by using parchment paper.

Using Tupperware might be an acceptable form of long-term storage with additional precautions. Before you put your bud away, carefully wrap it in parchment paper.

This paper is the same kind of material that is often used to store concentrates. You may use the paper’s surface to either grind up some cannabis or roll a joint.

Wrap It In Foil In The Short Term

Aluminum foil is an excellent option for preserving weed since it is resistant to light, heat, and air.

Another benefit of aluminum foil is that it can be recycled.

The marijuana’s quality may be preserved if it is handled carefully and then left alone for many weeks.

However, excessive handling may cause the foil to clump together, making it more difficult to extract trichomes from the cannabis plant.

Use A Humidor

Just like storing cigars, utilizing a humidor to store cannabis and pot can work wonders.

A cigar storage environment would typically have a humidity level of greater than 70 percent.

This level of moisture is unsuitable for cannabis, so you will need to adjust the humidity to a lower level around 62 percent.

You can roll the best blunts ever using the cigars that you kick into the humidor box that’s sitting on the counter.

Spring For Humidity Packets

What’s new and the best thing for storing weed is a humidity pack that is created specifically for the long-term preservation of cannabis nugs.

These devices are capable of maintaining a humidity level of around 62% throughout the inside of any closed container.

The storage humidity packs are comparatively inexpensive to a humidor, but are not quite as versatile in terms of storage options.

However in the end, this basic approach for maintaining the viability of a substantial amount of cannabis for an extended length of time..

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How Much Cannabis can be Stored in Mississippi

For patients in Mississippi the legal guidance is that a medical cannabis cardholder should not have more than six MMCEUs in a week from a dispensary or from multiple dispensaries selling weed products.

The maximum limit for a local medical marijuana card holder in Mississippi is no more than 24 MMCEUs of cannabis in 30 days.

Schedule your Mississippi Marijuana Card appointment. More information can be found on the Mississippi Department of Health website.

Storing Weed in Ohio Guidance

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services OhioMHAS recommends never putting a marijuana dose on a counter, purse, backpack or pocket because children would be able to locate it.

Patients should never share or sell marijuana products that are not yours. In addition, patients should never transfer medical weed to another bottle or container because of residue.

Packages containing marijuana should be labeled.

To obtain or renew your medical cannabis card in Ohio, schedule an appointment now. More resources can be found from Ohio cannabis organizations.

Storage Tips from South Dakota Medical Cannabis

The organization suggests that marijuana be kept in a child-resistant package that is clearly labeled as a medical container.

The cannabis should be locked in a cabinet or lockbox. When driving, marijuana should be kept in the vehicle’s trunk.

They suggest that cannabis be kept in a cool, dark and dry place at home. The container should be airtight and placed out of direct sunlight, away from any sources of heat.

Marijuana should be placed in a glass or plastic container, not in a plastic bag.

South Dakota patients can book their medical cannabis appointments online. For more guidance in South Dakota for storage tips visit online.

Weed Storage in Michigan

A health department in Michigan stresses the importance of properly storing cannabis to prevent accidental exposure.

Young children may mistake marijuana products for regular food or candy.

They suggest all recreational and medical cannabis products are kept in child-resistant packaging that is clearly labeled and locked up.

Children should not be able to see or reach the locked area.

The way the weed is stored should also change as children get older to prevent access from teens.

If a child accidentally eats, drinks or smokes marijuana, they may need immediate medical help.

Symptoms may include difficulties walking or sitting up, problems breathing and becoming sleepy.

Contact the poison control hotline at (800) 222-1222 if you suspect cannabis exposure in children.

If the symptoms are more severe, call 911 or immediately go to the emergency room. Getting your medical weed card online is simple in Michigan. Here are local storage resources.

People Also Ask : Best and Worst Ways to Store Weed

What is the best option to store weed?

The best way to store weed is in an airtight container, away from light, heat, and moisture. Mason jars, metal tins, and smell-proof bags are all good options.

Is it bad to store weed in plastic?

Storing weed in plastic is not ideal because plastic can leach chemicals and affect the flavor and potency of the weed. However, if it’s the only option, use a high-quality, food-grade plastic container.

Is it best to store weed in the fridge?

While storing weed in the fridge can help preserve its freshness, it can also introduce moisture and cause the trichomes to become brittle and break off. It’s better to store weed in a cool, dry place.

Is it better to store weed in cold or warm?

It’s better to store weed in a cool place, around 60-70°F (15-21°C), to preserve its potency and flavor. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can degrade the quality of the weed.

Is it better to store weed in a plastic bag or glass jar?

Glass jars are better than plastic bags because they are airtight, prevent light exposure, and do not leach chemicals into the weed. Plus, glass jars can be reused and are more environmentally friendly.

Is it better to keep weed in glass or plastic?

Glass is a better option than plastic for storing weed because it is airtight, preserves freshness, and does not affect the flavor or potency of the weed. Plastic can also introduce chemicals into the weed.

What are the best and worst ways to store weed?

The best way to store weed is to keep it in an airtight container, away from light and moisture. Glass jars or metal containers with rubber seals are good options. 7 Tips for storing your weed

best and worst ways to store weed
Cannabis Storage Tips List Infographic My Marijuana Cards

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