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Kief vs. Hash vs. Weed FAQs

keif vs hash vs weed faqs

Medical marijuana is exposing more individuals to cannabis, but that might entail teaching them a whole new vocabulary. What is cannabis vs. hash vs. kief? People seeking medicinal marijuana to treat ailments or as a cure aren’t necessarily fanboys, but the lingo is easy to iron out, sometimes literally.

Hash, or hashish, is a substance manufactured from cannabis and/or kief. This page explains the differences between kief vs hash, between them, how they may suit you, and how to create hashish at home

What is Kief?

Kief is the dust in your herb grinder or cannabis packing. It’s powdery and might adhere to your fingers while handling cannabis buds. Buds also have fine hair-like structures.

As the most cannabinoid-dense portion of cannabis, kief is a trendy commodity. This dust is made of trichomes, cannabis glands that produce resin. These trichomes produce the crystals you see on cannabis flowers. They manufacture resin rich in medical marijuana’s cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD, CBG, and THC provide medical effects and activate your endocannabinoid system.

Why Do Cannabis Plants Make Cannabinoids & Terpenes?

Cannabis doesn’t produce cannabinoids to make you high, treat sickness, or reduce inflammation. Cannabinoids protect plants against predators, illness, and the elements. Skunk cannabis stinks because it’s defending itself. Cannabis trichomes, which make up kief, create a sticky glue to catch insects, while terpenes’ strong perfume and bitter taste deter hungry animals.

Cannabinoids protect against fungus, hard weather, and THC is antimicrobial. Terpenes assist cannabis plants balance humidity since they require water to grow. THC may also preserve the cannabis plant from UV radiation during photosynthesis. Cannabinoids serve various uses for the plant and interact with the human body in many ways. As the marijuana industry grows, more research will hopefully examine this link and cannabis’s possibilities.

Why is Kief Stronger than Bud?

Kief has more cannabinoids than buds (cannabis flower). Fewer leaves, stems, and non-cannabinoids are present. Less plant matter implies more cannabinoids and terpenes in kief. Super pure kief may have up to 70% THC, although normal cannabis strains are 15-40% THC.

How Do You Collect Kief?

Many herbal grinders contain an additional chamber to capture kief at the bottom. Trichomes fall into the chamber as you ground cannabis due to their low weight. In addition to extra-chamber grinders, silkscreens may gather kief. The kief from cannabis flowers will fall through silkscreens.

Dry ice may be used to collect superfine kief. In a bucket, add cannabis flower and dry ice, then cover with a micron bag. Bags with microscopic holes capture trichomes. Over parchment or a transparent surface, you shake ice and cannabis. Over time, trichomes will fall through the mesh bag, and you may collect kief.

How Do You Use Kief?

Kief adds cannabinoids to marijuana. Kief’s cannabinoids and terpenes boost THC levels and may be used to make moon rock cannabis, hashish, or dabs. Add kief to joints, bowls, or however you smoke cannabis. Pre-rolled joints may be sprinkled with kief for added kick.

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What is Hashish?

Hashish is a cannabis concentrate similar to kief. Hashish is a pressed form of kief and marijuana flower. Hashish is created by pressing floral kief and resin into a brick. Hashish contains cannabinoids, including THC, because it’s mostly resin and trichomes.

Hashish means “grass” in Arabic. It’s been used since 1000 BC in India and Iran as bhang. Moslems used it to cure asthma, gonorrhea, constipation, and poisoning. Marco Polo attributed assassins termed the hashishiyya with using it. Ancient Egyptians and Middle Easterners loved traditional hashish. Hashish has evolved to mean cannabis concentrates. Other hashes:

  • Bubble Hash (sometimes referred to as ice water hash)
  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Dry Sift Hash
  • Honey oil or butane hash oil (BHO)
  • Rosin
  • Shatter
  • Wax

These hash varieties are distinguished by their texture or technique. Bubble hash is prepared with kief gathered using dry ice, whereas dry sift hash uses silk screens. Heat and pressure make rosin waxy. Butane hash oil is made by dissolving cannabis in butane. It makes wax crumble, budder, and shatter. These concentrations are used for dabbing. All of these are created using chemical procedures that grow resin or concentrate.

Mixing plant medication with butane and propane may remove plant debris and concentrate cannabinoids like THC. Many dabs include chemicals, unlike traditional hashish. In jurisdictions where cannabis is illegal, not all cannabis products are controlled and differ by manufacturer. Wax, shatter, crumble, and budder is manufactured via chemical procedures, whereas rosin, bubble hash, and dry-sift hash entail pressure and heat.

The Difference Between Hash and Weed

Hash is cannabis-based, unlike marijuana. Traditional hashish emphasizes resin, trichomes, and kief. Hash is made by growing cannabinoids and decreasing plant materials. Less plant matter implies more THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids

. You’ll need less hash than cannabis to get high.

Is Hash Stronger than Cannabis?

Hash is more cannabinoid-dense than cannabis. Hash is created from trichomes, resin, and/or blossoming buds, while stems and leaves are removed. Some hash forms are primarily cannabinoids since they lack plant components. This procedure uses butane to make butane hash oil, the primary element for dabs.

How to Make Hash from Kief:

Hash is made using kief. Cannabis flower buds are hand-rolled into charas for traditional hashish. Traditional hashish is squeezed from kief and flowers. Low heat helps decarboxylate THC-A and other acids into cannabinoids. It presses them together, increasing plant density. It may also flavor hashish. Homemade hash is easy:

  1. On parchment, collect kief. Flatten the parchment and cover both sides of the kief.
  2. Wrap parchment with newspaper.
  3. Dampen, don’t soak the newspaper layer.
  4. Iron the rolled-up parchment-newspaper on low until dry.
  5. Unroll the newspaper and parchment paper when it’s dry to reveal brown or black hashish.

Hashish may be smoked, dabbed, or vaporized. They are also used to produce edibles. If you overheat it, the cannabinoids may deteriorate.

Cannabis Products Galore

New cannabis jargon and products might be intimidating. They’re all ways to obtain cannabinoids, the secret of medicinal marijuana. Kief is cannabis trichomes. When trichomes and flowers are used to grow resin, hashish is created. We hope you’re less apprehensive and will prepare hash at home. They are expanding medical marijuana legalization. Apply for a medical marijuana card to experience its advantages.

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