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Ways to Consume Cannabis in South Dakota

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Smoking isn’t the only way? Medical marijuana patients in South Dakota have a variety of options for consuming cannabis. Once dispensaries are open and operating in South Dakota, patients will be able to consume their medical cannabis however they chose, and most importantly, how they need to based on their qualifying condition. Listed below you will find all of the ways patients can consume cannabis, besides just smoking raw cannabis flower.

Orally- Edibles, Tinctures, RSO Oil

When you consume cannabis in the form of an edible, the onset is not as quick as vaping or smoking cannabis. This is due to the cannabis needing to be absorbed through the digestive tract. Edibles are known to give patients and all over body ‘high’ by relaxing the muscles and mind together. When consuming edibles, patients can expect an onset time of anywhere from 20 minutes up to one hour until they can feel all the effects. This is why many recommending physicians advise patients to ‘start low, and go slow’. The worst mistake you can make when diving into edibles, is taking too many milligrams at once due to the effects being delayed.

Smoking or Vaping

This is by far the quickest way for patients to feel the effects of cannabis. Ingesting cannabis through inhalation, whether it is by vaping or smoking the raw flower, is one of the quickest ways for patients to feel relief. This is a great option for patients who are seeking immediate relief whether it’s pain relief or anxiety. Vaping cannabis has become an increasingly more popular consumption method as time goes on due to its discreetness and compactness. Vaping makes it easier to consume cannabis around others without anyone knowing, and also making it easier for traveling with cannabis as most vapes are compact making it easy to fit into a pocket or purse.

Topicals- Lotions or Salves

Cannabis topicals such as lotions or salves are a popular option for patients experiencing muscle pain or soreness. Topicals can be applied directly to the target area, without giving patients the psychoactive effects from ingesting or inhaling cannabis. Topicals are an especially popular option for those with arthritis, as it helps relieve joint pain and stiffness.

No matter which consumption method you opt for, the options are endless at medical marijuana dispensaries. The first step to finding relief to access medical marijuana in South Dakota is getting your Medical Marijuana Card. Stay tuned for more updates as South Dakota’s medical marijuana program continues to develop so you can be the first one to access medical marijuana from dispensaries once they are open and operating.

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