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Fighting Multiple Sclerosis with Medical Marijuana

Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) may be stressful for various reasons, including the difficulty of walking and the disruption and persistence of muscular spasms. A person who has Multiple Sclerosis may have to deal with multiple symptoms simultaneously. Those forced to live with Multiple Sclerosis will benefit from acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the several therapy options available to them. Medical marijuana is one of the therapeutic options offered to MS sufferers in South Dakota.

Individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who are interested in exploring the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes as a potential form of treatment may be unclear about how to get started. My Marijuana Cards is here to assist you since there are several ways medical marijuana may be used to alleviate symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. The following are some of the medical marijuana therapy choices that are the least complicated for those who live with Multiple Sclerosis:

Medical Edibles For Those With Multiple Sclerosis

Consumption of medicinal marijuana in edible form needs minimal explanation. Even though it seems as simple as chewing on a brownie or gummy for MS symptom alleviation if you rely on medical marijuana edibles, there are specific recommended practices to follow. Patients who have never tried edible forms of medical marijuana should start with low-dose foods and take their time consuming them. If the initial dosage does not provide enough comfort, patients may take more edibles throughout therapy gently and progressively. If you take on too much at once, you may end up in uncomfortable circumstances, which is never a promising idea for anybody, particularly someone just starting.

Patients who rely on medical marijuana have access to an exceptionally varied selection of edible alternatives, ranging from banana bars to liquids. These options are always available to them. Patients may have their appetites satisfied by selecting from a wide variety of edible forms of medicine available at dispensaries in the state of South Dakota.

A couple of strains that MS patients have found helpful are Sojay Haze and Russian Assassin. Sojay Haze is a Sativa, and MS patients with tiredness commonly use it to boost energy. It may cause you to be calm and very happy with life, and is an amazing daytime strain, great for boosting attention and creativity. This strain has 20-30% THC in it as well. Although the name may seem questionable, Russian Assassin is a useful nighttime marijuana strain. It’s helpful for MS patients who believe it’s calming, sleep-inducing, and relieves pain and tension. It may also reduce anxiety, which helps with sleep. This strain has 21-23% THC.

Medical Marijuana Topicals For MS

Medicinal marijuana topicals are an additional, simple approach to relieving pain that may be accomplished via the use of medicinal marijuana. Topicals are medicinal marijuana-derived products that may be applied topically to afflicted areas, such as lotions and balms. Because medicinal marijuana topicals do not contain THC, which is absorbed into the bloodstream, users do not report feeling euphoric after applying them. Many people who are considering using medicinal marijuana to treat Multiple Sclerosis will be glad to learn that there are no psychiatric adverse effects linked with utilizing medical marijuana topicals.

Many patients avoid using medical marijuana because they are concerned that it may negatively impact their respiratory health, despite the fact that it has the ability to give much-needed treatment. Patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis are able to get therapeutic treatment from medical marijuana topicals without having to inhale any kind of smoke. The instant and ongoing relief that it gives you has the ability to alter your perspective on the use of medicinal marijuana completely.

So, here is another helpful strain claimed by MS patients—Super Sour Diesel. This is a popular Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. It has sativa’s energy-boosting and pain-relieving effects. A little of this high-THC strain goes a long way. Even one hit may improve the body and mind, while it contains 19.2-26% THC.

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MMJ Flower & Concentrates

Customers have access to hundreds of unique strains of medical marijuana, which may be purchased in flower or concentrated form, depending on their preference. The terpene profile of a strain may be used to identify the characteristics that are unique to that strain. You are about to experience a degree of relaxation because you were not even aware was really possible for you! Experimenting on your own is the best approach to deciding which strain of cannabis gives the most relief from your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Two more of those unique strains that have been claimed to be life savers for MS patients are Critical Mass (Indica Marijuana Strain) and One to One (Hybrid Marijuana Strain). As with other Indica strains, Critical Mass may cause sleepiness and couchlock. Some think this strain relaxes the mind and body and relieves tension, aches, and pains. Stress, sadness, and anxiety are managed using Critical Mass as well. This strain is great for evenings or after work. After a high, it might assist users in going to sleep, and has 19-22% THC and 5% CBD. One to One is a unique medicinal marijuana strain that presents a perfect 50/50 ratio of CBD to THC. The strain is 50/50 Indica/Sativa. One to One’s high CBD concentration means less psycho-activity and more health benefits. It has a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio, like Sativex, a THC-derived MS medicine. So, it may help treat MS-related muscular spasms or cramps. THC: 14%; CBD:14%.

Get A Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota to Treat MS With Marijuana

The use of marijuana for medical purposes can significantly enhance one’s quality of life. It is normal for you to be curious about it, so don’t feel bad if you do. You may contact us at 1(877)783-1805 to speak with a patient support person who would be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Then it’s time to legally acquire your card to use marijuana for medicinal purposes! To obtain authorization for medicinal marijuana use, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our South Dakota physicians specializing in medical marijuana. Because using medical marijuana can affect your day-to-day life in the future, it is in your best interest to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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