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How to Smoke Weed: 4 Different Ways to Smoke Weed for Beginners

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Being too nervous about learning how to smoke pot might be humiliating. You may wish to try medicinal marijuana or authorized recreational cannabis but don’t know where to start. There’s a little learning curve. This article will assist you through your first smoking session, including how to smoke a joint, the difference between a blunt and joint, accessories, vocabulary, and recommendations.

Why Use A Grinder When Smoking Weed?

First, finely ground your cannabis flower. A cannabis grinder is essential. Grinding cannabis improves burn, smoke, and circulation. Grinding marijuana increases smoke surface area and guarantees uniform burning. Cannabis takes heat to convert THC, CBD, and other essential cannabinoids from acids into the cannabinoids you desire for the high and your health.

Decarboxylation is essential for consuming cannabis. Cannabinoids and terpenes are medical marijuana’s value, and heat guarantees you obtain the most decarbed THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in the smoke. Otherwise, you risk harmful substances and insufficient THC.

Unground cannabis may be smoked or rolled, but you risk stems, seeds, and overheating. Uneven burning means part of your cannabis will be unburned, reducing decarboxylated cannabinoids. You don’t want to ingest too much excessively burnt cannabis.

General Tips When Learning How To Smoke Weed

Be patient. Cannabis affects every system in the body differently. Within 30 minutes of smoking, you’ll know everything. Pace yourself. You may quit and resume smoking any moment, so know how you feel before smoking too much. THC absorbed via smoking is fast-acting and metabolizes in hours.

What Is A Joint?

A joint is rolled cannabis instead of tobacco. You roll marijuana on small rolling paper. Keep the paper folded like a taco while you fill it. Make a tube or cone. Joints might contain a filter to make smoking easier. Moisture prevents airflow. A filter enables optimal ventilation while inhaling moist paper. Wet filterless joints are hard to smoke.

Filters are built from accordion-folded cardboard or paper. There are pre-made filters and reusable glass mouthpieces for joints. Pre-rolled joints save you the trouble of rolling your own. These include kief, resin, and concentrates.

How To Smoke A Joint

Light and smoke a joint. There are modest ways to avoid coughing fits and joint damage. When starting to smoke, go slow. Take calm, even breaths. Inhale carefully and not too deeply to avoid coughing. Cannabis is green and moist, so it smokes more than burns. Green plant matter generates smoke, whereas brown plant matter burns.

Hold the smoke in for a second or two to absorb the cannabinoids. Cigarettes and cigars are inhaled and exhaled softly. After inhaling cannabis, take a beat or two to absorb THC. When sharing a joint or blunt with friends or new acquaintances, you usually take two hits then pass it.

How To Light A Joint

As you smoke a joint, make careful to inhale a little. Rolling off the joints helps with illumination. Inhaling oxygen helps deliver blazing embers to the cannabis and fire it. You may also ignite the joint’s tip and inhale it while burning. Inhaling too much cannabis too quickly might induce coughing.

How To Put Out A Joint

Local dispensaries sell pre-rolled joints in canisters. Put the joint back in its glass or plastic container to extinguish it. When closed, it removes oxygen, and the joint self-extinguishes. Lack of oxygen extinguishes the joint while saving cannabis. By extinguishing it like a cigarette, you risk losing the burning end and any remaining cannabis.

To avoid losing cannabis, pinch it in paper or douse it with water. Depending on how they’re packed, joints may extinguish when you stop inhaling.

What Is A Blunt?

A blunt is like a cigarillo or skinny cigar. It’s bigger, thicker, and utilizes different paper than a joint. Blunts have tobacco wrapping. These tobacco-based wraps may be smoother since tobacco burns more than cannabis, which emits more smoke. This tobacco increases nicotine, carbon monoxide, and carcinogen exposure. 

How To Smoke A Blunt

Break up a cigar or cigarillo, or use a blunt wrap to smoke a blunt. If using a cigar, slice it up and remove the central tobacco.

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What Is A Spliff?

Mix tobacco with cannabis to make a spliff. Spliffs utilize tobacco, cannabis, and rolling papers or blunt wraps. In Europe, spliffs are popular because tobacco may reduce cannabis smoke. Smokers may also appreciate it. There’s tobacco throughout the whole blunt wrap, whether you smoke or not. Nicotine adds to the experience. Nicotine may give you a buzz or high, so expect a similar effect while smoking a spliff or blunt.

How To Roll A Blunt

Starting with a cigarillo or blunt wrap, roll a blunt. Cut the cigar or cigarillo lengthwise to remove the tobacco. Unroll a blunt wrap by hand. Moisten the wrap paper with water or saliva. Fill the wrap with cannabis, squeeze it between your fingers, roll it into a tube, tuck it, and wet it with your tongue to make it sticky. Light one end, then enjoy.

Difference Between A Blunt And Joint

Joints and blunts vary in size and paper. Blunts are bigger and have tobacco-leaf wrapping. Hemp, rice, or paper are used to wrap joints. Blunt tobacco changes how you feel. Nicotine may make you buzzed and jittery, depending of how much you smoked. Nicotine may aggravate anxiety if you are uneasy or paranoid while smoking cannabis. Blunt wraps may be flavored, but ordinary rolling sheets are normally flavorless. The tobacco in blunts can change the flavor profile.

Tips For Smoking Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs

Beware of flavored, processed, or fast-burning rolling papers. Paper contains some of smoking’s damaging compounds and carcinogens. Cellulose rolling papers are healthier than others with heavy metals. If you have trouble rolling joints, consider a cigarette roller or machine.

What Is A Bowl?

Bowl is cannabis slang for pipe. They’re glass devices that come in different forms and sizes. It’s a pipe with a bowl, stem, and mouthpiece. Side holes in bowls are called “carb holes.” This carb hole holds some smoke, so it may decarboxylate before inhaling, releasing more THC and cannabinoids. Again, cannabis requires heat to convert unneeded acids to cannabinoids.

How To Smoke A Bowl

Start by loading a bowl with ground cannabis flower. Overpacking the basin makes inhaling difficult. Cover the bowl’s air hole before lighting marijuana. When lighting, inhale gently to create pipe smoke. When lit, remove finger from carb hole and inhale deeply. Careful of smoke. Covering the carb hole increases THC, cannabinoids, and stem smoke. When you release it, you may inhale additional smoke.

What Is A Bong?

A bong is a water pipe for smoking marijuana. Water cools the smoke, enabling you to inhale more deeply since the reduced temperature lessens the sensation. Water in a bong helps purify smoke. Bongs feature a bowl for cannabis, a downstem for water, and a mouthpiece. Removable bowls are key to smoking.

How To Hit A Bong

Beginning to hit a bong might be difficult when learning to use cannabis. It’s the most difficult technique to smoke pot and demands hand-eye coordination. It can be easy and fun, though. To hit or use a bong, fill the bowl with ground cannabis and fresh water. You place your lips on the mouthpiece, then ignite the bowl while inhaling. When the chamber is full, remove the bowl from the downstem and inhale the “purified” smoke. Cooler smoke is distinct when completely inhaled. You may also breathe deeper.

Tips For Smoking Bowls And Bongs

Bowls and bongs contain more THC since blunts and joints lose THC in the air. Bongs and pipes provide 45% THC, compared to 20% in joints. When using bowls and bongs, be prepared for a surge of smoke. Clean bowl and bong after using. Burned resin may be removed using alcohol.

If you’re worried about smoke, a vaporizer cooks and decarbs cannabis instead of burning it, reducing exposure to dangerous chemicals. Vaporizers cook cannabis flower, unlike oil-based vapes that, might cause lung difficulties like nicotine vapes.

Does Coughing Get You Higher?

Coughing when smoking pot is a prevalent myth. The reason you feel higher is probably that you’re coughing. Coughing reduces oxygen intake and raises heart rate. These may cause euphoria. 95% of THC is absorbed in the first 5 seconds. A greater hit may make you cough more and give you a higher high, but coughing doesn’t affect THC absorption.

Edibles Vs. Smoking: Pros And Cons

You may not want to smoke because of the scent, your lung health, or dislike it. Edibles give a different high than smoking marijuana.

  • Edibles replace smoking. This may help those with lung difficulties, cancer, or other conditions aggravated by coughing. Coughing may trigger headaches; therefore smoking may not help treat migraines.
  • Weed has 110 harmful chemicals compared to 173 in cigarettes. Still a high number and lung health danger.
  • Dosing and understanding how you feel might be difficult. Edibles add THC and cannabinoids. THC is absorbed throughout the digestive tract, from chewing to the lower intestines.
  • Edibles might have a distinct, longer THC high. Your liver generates 11-hydroxy-THC, which affects you differently. Some folks like smoking cannabis but fear edibles.
  • If you have the time, an edible might be more cost-effective.
  • Smoking compresses cannabis. It helps you pace how you want to feel. Smoking makes your high more noticeable and lasts a few hours. With edibles, your high may build gradually.
  • It’s easy to smoke. You can purchase edibles, but they vary by product and batch, so you won’t know how they’ll impact you unless you make them yourself and know the amount. This might require dosing, waiting, then dosing again. Experience is difficult to plan.
  • You can more easily control how high you want to be while smoking. Only you can determine if edibles or smoking are best.

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