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First Legal Medical Cannabis Sells in Georgia

Georgia sells first medical cannabis blog

Georgia has taken a significant step in the medical cannabis industry with the opening of its first two dispensaries for medical cannabis sales. This article will explore the significance of this development and the impact it may have on the state’s medical cannabis industry.


Possessing medical cannabis in Georgia has been legal since 2015, but it has been a long and challenging journey for families, lobbyists, and state lawmakers to find a way to obtain it within state lines. The state’s THC registry cards are issued to nearly 30,000 Georgians who qualify for medical cannabis treatment. However, the lack of local dispensaries meant patients had to travel out of state to access the medication they needed.

Trulieve and Botanical Sciences

The state has authorized Trulieve and Botanical Sciences to sell low-THC cannabis products to registered patients. Trulieve, a Florida-based company, has opened its first store in Macon, Georgia, and Botanical Sciences has opened its store in Marietta. Both dispensaries offer a range of medical cannabis products, including oils, capsules, tinctures, and vaporizers.

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Benefits to Patients

Patients, family members, and Trulieve employees expressed relief and excitement at being able to purchase medical cannabis in-state. The ability to access the medication they need locally will be life-changing for many of these patients. Traveling out of state was not only inconvenient, but it was also costly and time-consuming.

Economic Benefits

The opening of these dispensaries will also have significant economic benefits for Georgia farmers. The state requires all medical cannabis sold in Georgia to be grown within the state’s borders. This means Georgia farmers will be able to grow and sell medical cannabis, creating new opportunities for the agricultural industry.

Industry Growth

The medical cannabis industry in Georgia is still in its infancy, but the opening of these dispensaries is a promising start. The potential for the medical cannabis industry to benefit patients in need is significant, and the state is expected to see a surge in demand for medical cannabis products. This could lead to further expansion of the medical cannabis industry in Georgia, creating new jobs and economic growth.


The opening of the first two medical cannabis dispensaries in Georgia is a significant step forward for patients, farmers, and the medical cannabis industry. The ability to access medical cannabis locally will be life-changing for many patients, and the economic benefits for the state’s farmers are also significant. The potential for the medical cannabis industry to benefit patients in need is enormous, and it is exciting to see the industry begin to take shape in Georgia. As the industry grows, it will be important to ensure that patients have access to safe, reliable, and affordable medical cannabis products.

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