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Battleground Ohio: Medical Cannabis Patients Fight for Their Right to Home Grow Pot

Ohio Medical Marijuana patients and advocacy groups prepare to fight for their right to grow pot in their homes.

High prices, poor quality, and a shambling administration have pushed those with an Ohio medical marijuana card to demand rights to grow their own pot.
Displeasure with the medical weed program has sputtered to a boil in Ohio. High prices, poor quality, and shambling administration have pushed Ohioans to demand rights to grow their own pot.

The prices are high because there are very few growers and delays in establishing new dispensaries. While its pieces are coming together, the program’s crudely cobbled parts really haven’t synced well as a whole.

At this point, many Ohio medical marijuana users simply can’t afford the product, which pushes them out of the legal market entirely. Others simply don’t trust the state to make safe products.

One social media influencer, Amy Camden, of Wintersville Ohio, visited an Ohio medical marijuana cultivator and posted pictures on social media after the fact. Apparently, the response was less than positive, igniting negative buzz.

Patients have reported seeds in their product leaving them with bad impressions as well.

A Sandusky activist named Robin Ann Morris who runs a home grow page on Facebook says the Ohio medical Marijuana program is little more than a haven for the economic elite:

“This is not a true medical marijuana program,” she told “It’s a recreational program in disguise for only people with money and means to get it.”

Morris’s Facebook page, We Grow Ohio is centered on making home-grow legal. It already has thousands of users and is growing.

Advocacy groups have sent proposals to the Ohio General Assembly outlining provisions for decriminalization, and home grows among other things.

Julie Doran, a spokeswoman for the cannabis advocacy group: The Ohio Hemp Farmers Cooperative, told to flat out that she thinks Ohio’s is a “failing program.”
Still, many doubt the statehouse will budge. But activists like Tim Johnson, of the Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce said they expect and are ready for a fight.

Home grow is legal in at least sixteen states. Michigan, for instance allows 12 plants.

We’ll keep you posted as the drama unfolds involving Ohio medical marijuana patients’ struggle for the right to grow their own medicine.

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