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The Popularity Increase of Marijuana-Infused Drinks

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As the legal cannabis industry develops in multiple US states, customers want new vapes, oils, creams, and edibles. Marijuana-infused beverages are a new choice for today’s Cannabis consumer. Cannabis-infused drinks have led to numerous unique and fascinating flavor combinations. Floating waters, juice, coffee, tea, mocktails, and tonics are examples.

Marijuana-infused drinks are a new way of taking Cannabis and keeping up with the daily recommended dosage, especially for those who prefer to take soft drinks, sodas, or teas instead of other available forms. They are growing more popular since most patients feel that marijuana beverages are the most socially acceptable and mainstream way to consume cannabis. However, some patients have reservations about the efficacy of these beverages, particularly if they are using Cannabis for a serious medical condition.

Marijuana drinks deliver quicker relief than edibles because they can be ingested. Some marijuana drinks include THC, CBD, or both. Even if they’re the most social way to consume marijuana, you still need a doctor’s advice to guarantee you take the proper dosage and don’t exacerbate your illness.

Marijuana-Infused Drinks, What Are They?

Recent technological advances have enabled producers to make more appealing marijuana-infused beverages to meet rising demand. Marijuana beverages may include THC, CBD, or both as active ingredients, and are specifically designed to treat a variety of ailments while still tasting excellent. The creation of these beverages relied heavily on nano-emulsification, which is used to break down Cannabis particles. An emulsifier is then used to mix the individual particles. Dissolving in water enables the marijuana component to be uniformly dispersed.

How Are Cannabis Beverages Different?

A good option for providing patients with chronic diseases with a familiar, discreet, and rejuvenating environment. Many patients benefit from these drinks because they:

  • It is a simple and accurate way of giving exact Marijuana amounts.
  • They come in a variety of distinctive, tasty, and refreshing flavors.
  • It is available in CBD-dominant, THC-dominant, and balanced formulations to meet the medicative demands of every person.
  • They are appropriate for people who do not want to smoke and have trouble utilizing medicinal cannabis inhalation, tablets, or oils.

A skilled Marijuana physician will determine which formulation is best for you.

What Is In Marijuana Drinks Specifically?

Most marijuana drinks include CBD or THC. CBD-infused drinks include 15 to 30mg of CBD; however, the amount varies. Because THC is psychoactive, it should be restricted in drinks. Without professional advice, consuming THC-infused drinks may be harmful and cause negative effects.

THC and CBD-infused beverages, like other products, treat a variety of health issues and have a variety of medical benefits. CBD beverages may help cancer patients manage chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and seizures. THC beverages are used to treat pain, sleep difficulties, and other incapacitating symptoms.

THC and CBD-infused drinks will be available in the form of terp-infused sparkling water and tasty sodas. A variety of infused energy drinks and juices in a variety of popular tastes. If your treating physician believes they will assist you, they may be added to your Marijuana treatment.

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Diplo & Rob Dyrdek’s New Cannabis Seltzers, Leisuretown

The new marijuana drinks will be sold under the Leisuretown brand name in California soon, according to information received prior to their official release. Collaborations with well-known DJ, California beverage company Leisuretown, professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and supply chain startup HERBL have resulted in this product.

One of Leisuretown’s newest THC-infused beverages, a hemp-infused cannabis beverage with 25mg of CBD, contains 2.5mg of THC and 5mg cbd and was produced by a team of brewmasters, marijuana enthusiasts, and scientists. Cherry Vanilla, Ginger Berry, and Yuzu Lime are among the psychoactive version’s taste options, which will be offered in three different concentrations.

“I dig the low-dose weed drinks, it’s something new,” says Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known for his artistic name, Diplo, talking about his new THC-infused seltzers. “I can drink a few and just chill.”

The Market Is Sizzling

The Brainy Insights predicts that by 2028, the global cannabis beverage market would generate revenues of $3 billion, up from less than half a billion in 2020. People’s desire to avoid both smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol will play a role in their willingness to use it, as will more availability and variety. California is very fond of cannabis beverages. According to LeafLink statistics, this was one of the fastest-growing categories in the cannabis market, with more than $64 million in sales – a 50 percent increase over 2020.

“The growing cannabis beverage category has become increasingly popular, and I am completely in favor of the optimization that Leisuretown offers,” comments Rob Dyrdek. “[The] seltzers are a tasty drink that doesn’t wreck my day, offering microdoses of THC that allow consumers to let loose while staying in control of their cannabis experiences.”

Other major participants in the cannabis beverage sector include Canopy Growth and Aphria, Bhang and Dixie Brands, and the bestselling, celeb-favorite, Cann, which was recently highlighted on Forbes by Will Yakowicz. Celebs such as Tove Lo and Darren Criss, who have been seen sipping cannabis cocktails, were previously profiled in the same column.

‘A Bit More Golden’

Cannabis cocktails, according to Rob Dyrdek, are the way to go. “They simply make everything seem a little bit more golden,” he claims. What’s precious here, according to Doug Walker, president and creator of Leisuretown, is the potential. He’s collaborated with two of the world’s top celebrities and is one of the leading cannabis supply chain solutions firms.

The Leisuretown team is ecstatic about the opportunity to work with California’s best distributor to provide Leisuretown to even more people. “This partnership, with the support of HERBL and two notable celebrity brand ambassadors, represents an alignment in scalability to truly bring cannabis beverages to the mainstream,” says Walker.

Both Diplo and Dyrdek have over 14 million social media followers. In California, HERBAL serves more than 1000 licensed retailers, including 30 of the top brands and 98% of the storefronts, according to internal data, and it’s a beverage that enables you perform at your absolute best, the company’s CEO expresses. Make sure you get additional information about the impending release.

Getting Recommended By An Experienced Physician

Adding marijuana-infused beverages to your treatment plan requires a Medical Marijuana Card and a skilled physician who can confirm your illness. We employ a secure digital platform that allows our dedicated professionals and specialists to guide you through your trip. We enable all our customers to take charge of their health by providing complete transparency about their treatments.

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