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The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is committed to awarding medical marijuana licenses by 2023’s end

Alabama medical cannabis commission marijuana card

Key Takeaway

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is working towards awarding medical marijuana licenses by the end of 2023. Despite a challenging rollout, including lawsuits over the selection process, the commission has adopted an emergency rule for a new selection process, hoping to address concerns and make awards by the year-end.


  • The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission aims to award medical marijuana licenses by the end of 2023.
  • The state’s medical marijuana program has faced a turbulent rollout, marked by multiple lawsuits concerning the selection process.
  • The commission, in response to challenges, has adopted an emergency rule outlining a new process for selecting license winners.
  • Companies will now make presentations to the commission, and scores from previously submitted applications will also be considered.
  • Commission Chairman Rex Vaughn views this as a “reset,” aiming to move forward while optimizing the existing process.
  • The timeframe for selecting license winners depends on ongoing litigation, with hopes that awards can be made by the end of the year.
  • Medical marijuana has yet to be available in Alabama more than two years after the program’s legislative approval.
  • Critics have accused commissioners of a flawed selection process, alleging failure to consider production speed and improper private deliberation.
  • The new process is seen as a positive step by some, allowing companies to present their capabilities and address concerns from previous awards.
  • The delayed rollout has been a source of frustration for patients like Amanda Taylor, who highlights the therapeutic importance of medical marijuana, especially for conditions like multiple sclerosis.
  • Alabama lawmakers approved the medical marijuana program in 2021, ending years of resistance.
  • The overall sentiment is cautious optimism, with stakeholders hoping for a smoother process in awarding licenses and making medical marijuana available to patients.

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