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5 Best Weed Strains for Holiday Stress

holidayweed orig

Need a holiday strain for holiday strain? Here are our selections for the best holiday strains of 2020.
As much as we all love the food, decorations and romanticized origin-stories, let’s face it — the holidays can be tough. While familial relationships conjure warmth and familiarity, they can also dredge up old hurts. And as if normal holiday stress wasn’t enough, let’s not forget the global dumpster fire that is COVID. With that, let’s breathe, make lists, and — yeah, go get some weed.

But you don’t want just any old strain. You need a special thing for this unique challenge.

Here are our selections for best holiday strains of 2020.

White Widow Cannabis Strain

White Widow
White Widow is great for staying light and cerebral. It offers just enough punch to stay ahead of the drama, but with a chill receptivity that makes for bubbly conversation. Widow was an Amsterdam coffee shop strain, known for keeping it lit and inspired.

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

Durban Poison 
Durban Poison will keep your mind as nimble as a cheetah as you round the bases at your holiday haunt. Leap stress-free through drama and shake off the blues as you prepare the preparations for your family feast. Durban’s got your back with an uplifting euphoria sure to keep you laughing and light.

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is a great addition to your holiday meal, with a smooth flavor that pairs well with wine, turkey, stuffing or mashed potatoes. A calming strain that stimulates the appetite, its long-lasting effects will keep you satisfied and low-key.

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

Super Silver Haze
SSH, as it’s also called, will get you into the spirit, with an uplifting euphoria that leaves you bubbly and content. Its spicy aromas will go great with your dish, as the serene body high coaxes you gently into afternoon or evening.

White Rhino Cannabis Strain

White Rhino
Tranquil and Majestic, this soothing white hybrid is a blanket of warm calm during cozy winter nights. Its uplifting euphoria brings fuzzy nostalgia, great for hot-chocolates-by-the-window or comedies with the fam. When this rhino charges it’s almost sure to knock you out. Sweet dreams, buttercup. And happy holidays.

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