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Can Michigan Marijuana Advocates get Telemedicine Approved?

The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) petitions the state to classify medical marijuana as an […]


Telemedicine Appointments Coming Soon

Telemedicine Medical Marijuana Evaluations in Ohio To whom it may concern, At My Marijuana Card, […]

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Get Your Michigan Marijuana Card Online Today!!!

If you are familiar with Michigan’s Medical Marijuana patient program than you know it hasn’t changed much since starting over 10 years ago.

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Access Denied: Government Stuns Michigan Voters with Recreational Marijuana Bans in 604 Cities

Michigan voters show overwhelming support for legalization, but local governments across the state — 604 […]

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Medical Cannabis and Depression

We all get down every-now-and-then, because of tragedy, loss, or major life events, but clinical […]

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Green Light: Hope in the Wake of the Opioid Crisis

Significant evidence suggests medical cannabis may be effective in reducing the need for and withdrawal […]

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Holy Smoke: Marijuana Contends for the Title of Best Sleep Aid on Earth

Most everyone knows weed makes you sleepy. It’s easily marijuana’s most commonly associated effect. ​With […]

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Marijuana’s 3 Varieties – Is There Any Difference?

While those who are new to marijuana may be surprised to discover that there is […]