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The Fate of Mississippi Medical Marijuana – Legislatures’ Say

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association executive director Ken Newburger said he and others made some “misguided” judgments when Initiative 65 was created, such as delegating the program to the state Department of Health. “There are some major gaps that I think a lot of you have pointed out in the past, and a lot of people in the state have pointed out that need to be remedied, “Newburger said Thursday during a Senate Public Health Committee meeting at the state Capitol.

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Mississippians Protest Their ‘Stolen’ Votes at Recent Rally 

Mississippians are fuming at the recent denial of Initiative 65. Last week on Tuesday morning, […]

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Cancer Can Be Treated By Medical Marijuana

How Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Cancer? Marijuana has biologically active cannabinoids, many […]

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Chronic Pain Can Be Treated By Medical Marijuana

How Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain? Years’ worth of anecdotal evidence […]

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PTSD Can Be Treated By Medical Marijuana

PTSD Symptoms Treated by Medical Marijuana Most evidence suggests that the therapeutic use of cannabis […]

Mississippi Sorting Out Medical Marijuana Mess

Mississippi To Sort Out Medical Marijuana Mess 

Despite 74% of voters in November approving Initiative 65, a constitutional amendment mandating and specifying […]

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Cannabis Cultivators Impacted from Denial of Initiative 65

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly voted ‘yes’ to initiative 65 last fall, but despite the turnout, Initiative 65 has been shot down by the Mississippi Supreme Court. Since the medical marijuana program in Mississippi is now denied, and a special session to refute the decision is in question, this also raises the question for many industry workers– where does their job security lie? What does this decision mean for cultivators and processors that were in the works of establishing their grows to provide medical cannabis for Mississippi patients?

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What Are Our Options for Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana Program?

Following last week’s explosive decision by the Mississippi Supreme Court, which struck down both the state’s new medical marijuana program Mississippi Supreme Court Overturns Medical Marijuana Program and the entire initiative process…

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Mississippi Man Faces Life in Prison for 1oz of Marijuana

In the same week, as the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned initiative 65, the formation of a medical marijuana program for Mississippi, they also put a Mississippi man behind bars for the rest of his life for cannabis possession.

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Supreme Court Overturns Medical Marijuana in Mississippi Program

Nearly 1.3 million people voted in Mississippi in November, and more than 766,000 of them voted in favor of Initiative 65, which required the state Health Department to establish a medical marijuana program by the middle of this year.