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Spinal Cord Disease or Injury Qualifies for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

What is Spinal Cord Disease?

A spinal cord disease or injury can significantly alter one’s daily life. Those suffering from a spinal cord disease or injury in Mississippi can now find relief with medical marijuana when approved for their My Marijuana Card. Spinal cord injuries are caused by trauma to the spine, when shifted bone fragments, ligaments, or disc materials damage the spinal cord tissue upon impact. 

Spinal cord injuries differ from back injuries because they can impact motor functions, due to nerve cell’s inability to carry messages to the brain. These cells are destroyed due to the injured vertebrae. Depending if one is born with a spinal cord disease or acquired an injury later in life, it can be debilitating and even leave one paralyzed. Some of the common side effects that patients with a spinal cord disease or injury face are chronic pain, nausea, depression, inflammation, muscle weakness, insomnia, and spasticity.

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How can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Spinal Cord Disease or Injury in Mississippi Patients

Cannabis is known as a successful neuroprotectant and can be successful at preventing further neurological damage if used shortly after the injury has occurred. THC can help alleviate the pain that many with Spinal Cord injuries or disease deal with on a daily basis. If you are a patient with a spinal cord disease or injury that experiences anxiety or depression as a result of your condition, it’s possible to find specific strain options available at Mississippi dispensaries to help lift your mood, while still offering significant overall pain relief. Indica strains can also aid patients that have trouble sleeping due to their pain.

CBD is another great way for patients to alleviate inflammation, as it works in the body to slow the progression of cell death of important nerve cells that are responsible for delivering messages to the rest of your body. CBD is a great way for patients with a Spinal Cord disease or Injury to find relief without the ‘high’ feeling.  When using mixed ratio products from dispensaries such as 1:1 tinctures or edibles they are able to deliver pain relief from the THC, but also reduce inflammation without as many psychoactive effects from having an equal amount of CBD present. For more infrormation on Spinal cord disease and medical marijuana click this link.

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