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How to Qualify for A Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota


Recap of Medical Marijuana in South Dakota

This past November, South Dakota voters approved two separate measures to change the state’s current stance on cannabis. Medical marijuana was officially legalized after more than half of voters voted in favor of medical cannabis being legalized in South Dakota. Voters also pushed for recreational use to become legalized, however, Governor Kristi Noem put a halt to recreational use and is being very strict on the legislation surrounding the passing of medical marijuana in South Dakota, aka Initiated Measure 26. Despite the pushback, Initiated Measure 26 is set to begin assessing qualifying patients for approval of their South Dakota Marijuana Card very soon!

Who will qualify for medical marijuana in South Dakota?

Anyone with a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following will be able to qualify for medical marijuana treatment in South Dakota:

At any time residents of South Dakota may petition the department to add a serious medical condition or treatment to the list of debilitating qualifying medical conditions.

When will medical marijuana be available to prospective patients in South Dakota?

According to the rules in South Dakota, the department of health has 180 days from July 1st to begin the application process for both medical marijuana cards and licenses for both commercial growers and sellers of medical cannabis. This means that patients should be on their way to getting approved for their South Dakota Medical Marijuana Cards by July 1, 2021.

Are there medical marijuana dispensaries in South Dakota?

At this time, no dispensaries have been built. Under Initiated Measure 26, the Department of Health is in the works of accepting applications for potential medical marijuana retailers. In the meantime, the state is also creating rules and regulations around how retailers will be issued and continue to possess their licenses for retail.

Since patients will not be able to receive their recommendation until the medical marijuana control program in South Dakota establishes the guidelines and rules for the program, patients can still pre-qualify.


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