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Cannabis Terpenes and Their Benefits

South Dakota -It’s Time to Learn About Cannabis Terpenes, Here’s Why

Do you fall in the 70% of medical marijuana patients who are unfamiliar with cannabis terpenes or the entourage effect? The study done just last year by Oasis Intelligence stated that the majority of cannabis consumers were unfamiliar with two of the most important components related to cannabis as medicine.

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South Dakota: 4 Ways to Stretch Your Medical Marijuana

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought something would last longer than […]

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Medical Marijuana Treating Chronic Pain in South Dakota

How Is Medical Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain? Years’ worth of anecdotal evidence […]

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South Dakota Medical Marijuana Privileges

Let’s take a moment to be thankful for the fact that South Dakota is on […]

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South Dakota: 5 Cannabis Strains for Depression

When you’re depressed, it can make harder for you to enjoy life. Making even the […]

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Medical Marijuana for Cancer Treatment in South Dakota

Marijuana for cancer or any other treatment has biologically active cannabinoids, many of which have […]

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How to Get Your South Dakota Medical Marijuana Card in 2021

Are you interested in getting a Medical Marijuana Card in South Dakota? You’ve come to […]

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South Dakota- Microdosing Cannabis and It’s Benefits

Smaller Doses of Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana is a popular option for patients for treating […]

South Dakota Looks for Assistance Developing Medical Marijuana Program

South Dakota Looking for Assistance for Medical Marijuana Program

Medical Marijuana Program Assistance The state of South Dakota is looking for help with running […]

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Ways to Consume Cannabis in South Dakota

Smoking isn’t the only way? Medical marijuana patients in South Dakota have a variety of […]