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You’re almost at the finish line! BUT YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE! Follow the Instructions below Get your WEST VIRGINIA Medical Marijuana Card!

This Information comes from WEST VIRGINIA Department of Public Health Website

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Steps for WEST VIRGINIA NEW and renewal Patients


Create State Account (Click Here for additional Picture Illustrations)

The Office of Medical Cannabis uses an online licensing system that requires internet connection. Complete your application on a desktop or laptop computer using Google Chrome as the browser. Some browsers and mobile devices don’t offer the best user experience.

To apply for the Patient Card, click on the link for Patient Registration:

  • Click here to sign in.
  • Click Register in the top right corner of the screen to register.
  • Fill in your registration details.
  • After submitting the registration form, Complia will send you an email with a link to validate your account.!/resendVerifyAccountEmail
  • Log in to Complia at!/signin. Your email address will be required if you forget your password.
  • Click on New Patient Registration Application.
  • Click Create Application, then New Patient Registration.
  • Complete the application once it is generated. Application tabs containing data fields, questions, and document submissions.
  • To store your data as you go through the program, click Save and Next after each tab.
  • On the “Physician/Condition” tab:
    • You just need to input the WV Medical Cannabis Program Physician Registration Number.
    • Enter the condition exactly as it appears on the patient certification form. If there are any inconsistencies, the application will be denied.

Documentation needed for the application:

  • Digital photo of passport quality. See Appendix A for assistance with photo.
    • Photo ID, such as a copy of your driver’s license.
    • Proof of West Virginia residency. Click this link to view acceptable
  • Click on Acceptable Proof Document
  • Then click on Proof of West Virginia Residency Document
  • Copy of the completed Patient Certification form provided to you by your physician.
  • If requesting a waiver of the fee based on financial hardship (income below 200% of the federal poverty level), provide acceptable proof of income, such as a W-2, recent pay stubs, proof of benefit eligibility, etc. Please do not send a payment if you are requesting a fee waiver. If the waiver is not granted, you will be notified to submit the fee at that time.
  • If you are unable to finish the application in one attempt, please make sure you click Save so your information will be there when you return to the application. When you return to log back into Complia, please do not create another new application. You will click on Applications and then select your application (click on the Not Applicable option under Application ID).
  • As your application is nearing completion, navigate to the Review tab to verify all required items are completed. If you see any red Xs, you need to go back to the applicable tab to complete the missing item and save the changes.
  • Upon completion of the application, including uploading all documents, click Submit. A confirmation screen will appear with the Application ID number.

Mail payment (check or money order payable to WV DHHR) to: The Application ID number and patient name must be in the memo line of the check or money order.

WV Office of Medical Cannabis

350 Capitol Street, Room 523

Charleston, WV 25301

  • Your application will be reviewed and informed through email. If your application is denied and returned to you for rectification, please fix the errors and resubmit.
  • Please wait 30 days after receiving notice of your application and payment before checking on its progress.
  • Registration does not guarantee access to medicinal cannabis products. The patient card is only valid in West Virginia and provides no legal protection for goods acquired outside of the West Virginia medicinal cannabis system.