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You’re almost at the finish line! BUT YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE! Follow the Instructions below Get your VIRGINIA Medical Marijuana Card!

This Information comes from VIRGINIA Department of Public Health Website

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Steps for VIRGINIA NEW and renewal Patients


Create State Account (Click Here for additional Picture Illustrations)

  • Go to:
  • Click on the License Lookup tab in the legend on the left side of the page
  • Choose Registered Cannabidiol Practitioner from the drop-down menu. Leave the rest blank and hit Search. This will provide you a list of all registered pharmacists.

To begin the registration process:

The Department of Health Professions handles profession-specific licensing and regulation. Even if no professional license is requested, this wording may be utilized throughout the registration process. Please follow the registration procedures below.

  1. Activate Internet Explorer or Firefox. Using Google Chrome will cause issues with the program.
  2. Begin the registration procedure at
    • Enter your User ID and Password if you have a license from another board of the Department of Health.
    • Then click the “Register a Person” option in the top left corner.
    • Your last name and SSN are needed.
    • Your browser will take you to the “Initial Registration” page if you are not already registered.
  3. To register for a new account, just follow the on-screen A patient or parent/guardian registration requires a User ID and Password.
  4. You may now log in after completing this step.
  5. You should see the Welcome screen after logging in. Go to the left menu and choose Initial App.
  6. On the Licensure Application screen:
    • Choose Pharmaceutical Processing-Cannabis Oil from the menu.
    • Select Cannabis Oil – Patient from the License Type selection if you are the patient seeking for registration.
    • Select Cannabis Oil -Parent/Guardian from the License Type selection if you are the patient’s parent or guardian. If you are a registered patient for cannabis oil, you must complete both applications. Note: The patient’s main parent/guardian must sign this.
    • From the Obtained Dropdown Click the App Launcher button.
  7. Registration fee: $50 for patients, $25 for parents/legal guardians (if applicable).
  8. to complete your application:
    • A registered practitioner’s written certification;
    • (1) A valid government-issued identity card or tax receipt showing the patient’s residence and that of a parent or legal guardian if appropriate.
    • The patient’s identification and that of the patient’s parent or legal guardian, if applicable.
    • A birth certificate or other government-issued identification showing the patient’s age.
    • A valid Virginia driver’s license proves age, identification, and residence.
  9. If you cannot email the accompanying paperwork, you may fax or send it to the address shown below. Due to the fact that faxed papers are often illegible, we may need to contact you to resubmit them.
    • Our security mechanism blocks access to Google Drive or iCloud documents. Please provide attachments as pdf or jpg files only. Inspect papers for legibility and readability.
    • An email will be sent if any further information is required to complete your application. Please enter your email address correctly.

The registration application will be processed in 30 days. Whether you need more information or your application is accepted, you will be notified by email. As soon as your application is accepted, you will get your registration card.